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Please complete all fields below and double check for accuracy before submitting your full application. FFX Ministries, Inc is the name of the non-profit corporation running the theater program, and will be your employer if you are hired. Applications without any resume or bio attached may not be considered. At least two references must be listed who are not related to you, and they will be contacted regarding your previous work or volunteer experience.
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You may copy/paste the information here, but please email your resume and/or bio to    Applications without a response here or any file emailed for their application may not be considered. Acting roles can also submit headshots and/or a reel for consideration. If you are emailing the docs to then please simply indicate that in your answer below.
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List at least three (3) people who know your background, character, work ethic, or other related experience. At least two (2) of the references must be persons that are not relatives.  You MUST include each person's relationship with you AND their contact information (phone and/or email address). All references will be contacted. If you list a current employer, please note that below, as listing them here gives us permission to contact them also unless otherwise indicated.
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Since we work with children and families, and since some positions also involving handling payments, we may request a background check as a condition of employment. Do you understand this and give your permission to run a background check if offered employment?
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