Student Leadership Application 2019-20
Use this form to apply for any of the following Student Leadership Roles:

Student Light House Team - School leaders who raise money to help make improvements in our school. These leaders are often called on in a moments notice to help in many areas. You should be a good writer and speaker for this team.

Recycle Team - Students will help Ms. Delores with daily recycle pick up.

Library Leaders - Students who help Mrs. Sanford in the library. You should enjoy reading and books to be on this team.

Tour Guides - Students will be trained in leading tours and answering questions when we have visitors in the buildings.

Flag Leaders - Students will help Officer Ernst daily in putting up and taking down our American Flag.

Soar Ticket Leaders - Students will help with weekly drawings and at the SOAR ticket store.

Beautification Team - Students will assist in helping keep our campus neat and clean both inside and out.

Greeters/Door holders/Hallway Monitors - Students will hold door and greet students in the mornings. They will greet visitors and answer questions. Students will help monitor halls in when needed.

Student Mentors - Students will work with younger students under Dr. Campbell's supervision. They will help with academics as well as have lunch and support the younger students in need.
Last Name
First Grade
Grade for 2019 - 2020
What teachers would recommend you for a leadership position? List at least 2.
How do you use the 7 habits in your every day life? *
How has the leader in me program at Mitchell-Neilson changed you? *
What can you do to ensure you contribute the time and effort to make your leadership commitment a success. *
Which leadership role(s) are you applying for? Choose up to 3. *
How will your contribution to the team help our school? (answer for each position you are applying) *
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