CBHS Parent Involvement Form 2019
CBHS offers many opportunities to be involved. If you could give even 2 hours of your time this school year, our community will flourish. Parent volunteers both enrich the life of our school and provide vital support for our programming. Please complete this form so we know how you would like to be involved and how to best use your skills and interests. The information you provide will only be shared with relevant CBHS faculty and Parent Advisory Group (PAG) leaders. Thanks in advance for your willingness to help! ~ Sarah Compton, CBHS PAG Chair

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In which grade is your student? (2022=9th, 2021=10th, 2020 = 11th, 2019= 12th) *
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Professional Services/Expertise:
Oftentimes, a parent’s special skill, expertise, experience, hobby, etc., can be brought into the classroom or contribute to an expedition.
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CBHS Fundraiser + Social Events
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CBHS- Support Activities - check any the ones you or your family would be interested in helping with.
Please check any box you would be interested in volunteering in the FUTURE. For more information check out https://goo.gl/WKDydZ
PAG- Parent Advisory Group
What topics would you like to see discussed at Parent Advisory Group Meetings?
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Portland Public Schools' volunteer screening process
We appreciate any time you spend supporting our school. Any questions about volunteer paperwork contact Deb Kierstead (kiersd@portlandschools.org)
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