2018-2019 General Membership Feedback
We want to hear from you about how NE GWiSE is doing at providing useful and engaging programming for our members and how we can better suit your needs! We'd really appreciate your feedback below so we can improve our programming and get ideas for what to focus on next year. Thanks!
Which school are you currently attending? *
Were you able to make it to either of our major events this year? *
If you didn't make it to both/either, would you mind telling us why? Check all that apply *
If you attended both/either of our major events this past year, please answer this question. This year we tackled power dynamics, confident mentalities, and healthy mentor-mentee relationships. What did you think of our programming?
I got nothing out of this year's programming
I got a lot out of this year's programming
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What comments do you have about this year's events and programming?
What kind of programming or events would you like to see in the future? This includes theme ideas for our major events.
Next year, NE GWiSE will be piloting a committee program where school reps and officers form the "NE GWiSE Committee" and can be contacted by Exec Board chairs to assist with planning our major events (Retreat and Spring to Action) and smaller, more specialized programming and events. Would you be interested in becoming an officer? *
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