Yorkshire and Friends Village
Yorkshire and Friends - What is it?
It is a Village at EMF camp for northern makerspaces AND any other waifs and strays who are looking for group!
We are hosting talks, workshops and a BBQ over the weekend.

We are open to all and happy to have ANYONE join in as long as:
- Respect each other
- Respecte each others privacy.
- Don't be a Dick.

This Village is loosely managed by Phil Hutchinson (@LastKnightUK) from Leeds Hackspace.
Contact details below.

How Do I Join this Village?
Register your name on the EMF Village WIKI : Here
Can you give a Talk or Workshop?
Fill this form in if you would like to give a talk or workshop in the Yorkshire and Friends Village at EMF 2018.
We have two heavy canvas tents, a table, 240v 13a power and will promote the talks on a whiteboard outside the village.
We currently don't have any chairs, so it will be BYOC or Standing space.

You can decide to give a talk or workshop at any point from now up until the weekend.

This form and its responses will be deleted after EMF camp 2018 and your details will not be stored by me.

BBQ - Date TBC
We will be hosting a BBQ one evening of EMF.
Bring your own food / plates / buns and we will apply heat and smoke to it.
We will also have a separate Vegi Grill.
What is your Name?
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Would you like to give a talk or workshop?
What is your workshop or talk called?
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Longer Description of your workshop or talk:
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Technical Requirements:
We currently only have a Table, Ethernet Internet and power. It is a Bring Your Own Chair ... or Stand event.
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Contact Phil Hutchinson
Twitter @LastKnightUK
Email Phil.D.Hutchinson@Gmail.com
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