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First things first.

What is a BETA reader, you may ask.

There are many exceptional definitions and multiple responsibilities, depending on who you're asking - but here is what we are looking for in a BETA reader.

A Beta reader is someone who is willing to read through the full story before it is sent back to the publisher for final edits.
You are reading to make sure the story works, the flow is steady and there are no major plot holes. The story has been through editing, so you really don't have to LOOK for typos and errors, but you are welcome to bring any errors to the author's attention.

Please keep in mind that this is a pre-published manuscript that is not complete - and by signing up, you agree not to mention errors or typos in any reviews or promotion (unless you happen to find them in the final [published] version).

If all of that sounds good to you, SIGN UP below and Rachel will contact you with more information soon! Due to the volume of response, she may not be able to accept everyone who signs up. In the case of your not being chosen, you might want to consider signing up to become a reviewer here:

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