Submission to Indie Game Expo @ RESPAWN 2016 - powered by Amazon Appstore
Thank you for your interest in showing your indie game at the Indie Game Expo @ RESPAWN 2016, in co-op with IndieAdvisor and powered by Amazon Appstore - hooray!
We will select 24 playable game projects out of all entries to be shown at RESPAWN on invite - please note that we will ask for a small fee of 75€ (excl. VAT) per team in case of acceptance to cover our costs (compared to a ticket price for one conference ticket of 169€. (excl. VAT)).

We will provide you with seats and tables right in the middle of the RESPAWN conference area - anything else, especially tech, has to be provided by yourselves. Please plan ahead that one person from the team should always available at the table to present your game to visitors.

For the fee, up to two Conference Tickets for team-members are included (non-transferable) and you are eligible for a Pitch & Match ticket with three credits (without additional costs). So you are able to be listed on the Matchmaking System and send out three meeting requests - if you want to do more business, then upgrades for more credits are available at discounted costs (upgrade to business pass for 175€ per person). Read more about Pitch & Match here:

Please note regarding roomscale VR (HTC Vive), that it is probable that we won´t have the space for more than one Vive project, if any. So please plan ahead - if your game is based on VR - that it has to be shown via a video or with glasses at your table.

Submission deadline is July 31st, 2016.

As the Indie Game Expo @ RESPAWN 2016 is powered by Amazon Appstore, the Amazon Appstore will also consider developer teams, who submitted their project to the Indie Game Expo, to present their project at the Amazon Appstore booth (public floor) at Gamescom, as well as other featuring opportunities.
Find out more about these opportunities here:
Good luck!

Ok, back to the fun part! Please let us know about your projects - and we hope to see you at RESPAWN!

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We´d like to give you the chance to present your game to the RESPAWN audience on Monday on stage within three minutes. Are you interested to take this opportunity to enter the conversation? *
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We´ll be in touch no later than beginning of August.

Best regards,
André Bernhardt (IndieAdvisor), Tobias Kopka (Conference Director Respawn) and Carlos Lievano (Amazon Appstore)

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