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Tree Canopy Enhancement for Shade Equity Survey
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Tree Walkabout Project

The Tree Walkabout events focus on the benefits of enhancing tree cover and adding shade and seating areas on our commercial streets.

In Portland, hotter areas of the city, called urban heat islands, disproportionately occur in the 13 neighborhoods of Thrive East PDX.

This program aims to  bring together community and business groups to increase the number of drought-resistant native trees and shrubs to be planted along major commercial streets. We will plant trees and create shaded seating areas to reduce impact of climate extremes relating to heat in our 13 East PDX neighborhoods.

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On a scale of 1 to 5 how satisfied are you with access to shade on commercial streets in your neighborhood.
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Trees Mean Business. Vibrant Cities Lab, Urban Forestry Toolkit:
Portland Tree Inventory Project,
Join Us:
Host a Tree Walkabout event. We seek volunteers to
help gather participant comments on the walks and record
the information and questions participants have about trees
in our neighborhoods. Interested in volunteering or planting a
tree near your business? -- Contact: Project Intern: Jose
or Gayle Palmer, Secretary EPRC, 360.402.3902.
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