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- Each family should complete one form - can include two parent emails and sign up for four children. If your child has their own email address and would like to receive emails from Ezra you can indicate this on the form. (If you have more than four children who want to attend groups and events you will need to complete 2 forms).

- Most Ezra events are for girls in year 2 and above or boys in year 3 and above.

- Please scroll down and click submit when you have completed the form. A pop up will confirm that your form has been submitted.

- If you wish to stop receiving emails from Ezra at any time please email admin@ezrayouth.com AND unsubscribe with the link at the bottom of the weekly newsletters.

- Ezra will not share your details with any other organisation.

Ezra Parent WhatsAapp groups
Links to join whatsapp groups are usually on the weekly newsletter.
Ezra whatsapp groups are for parents ONLY and supplement emails. Information about events and groups are not always posted on the groups.
By joining an Ezra Parent whatsapp group you agree that you;
- are over 16 years old
- have a son / daughter in that school year group
- are happy to receive information from Ezra via whatsapp
- are on the Ezra parent email mailing list - please sign up below!
Thank you for your continued support.
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