Lake Harbor Middle School Survey
Please take the time to fill out this survey and help us make Lake Harbor an even better place for your child to learn and grow.
Grade of your child in the 2017-2018 school year *
The school provides a safe and secure learning environment. *
Teachers are friendly and easy to talk to. *
Teachers Motivate students to learn. *
Teachers assign meaningful homework that helps students learn. *
Teachers communicate my childs progress regularly. *
Teachers communicate my child's progress regularly. *
Teachers do a good job teaching Reading *
Teachers do a good job teaching Mathematics *
Teachers do a good job teaching Writing *
Teachers do a good job teaching Science *
Teachers do a good job teaching Social Studies *
Teachers do a good job teaching fine arts (music, art, theater, etc.) *
The FISH philosophy has had a positive impact on my child and the overall climate of the school *
Teachers integrate sufficient technology experiences *
Students learn to appreciate differences among peers *
The school teaches students to think critically *
The school offers a variety of ways to enrich learning *
The school does a good job addressing bullying *
The administration does a good job of running the school *
Discipline is handled appropriately *
Administration is easy to talk to *
The school website is friendly and informative *
Students and parents are treated with respect *
The overall climate of the school is positive and helps my child grow *
My child is getting a good education at LHMS! *
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