2021 SWE Executive Application
We are very excited to have you apply to be an executive; however, be aware this will be a hard process and we will be asking you difficult questions about your ideas, your past performance, and how you will improve SWE overall. With that in mind, the application portion is just as important as the interview so please do NOT wait until the last minute to complete it!

Please make sure you have read the exec position descriptions within the SWE TAMU Procedures. By applying, you agree to follow the rules set forth in these procedures and the SWE-TAMU Bylaws:

Also make sure you comment two time slots for a nomination meeting. Please note, you must sign up for TWO CONSECUTIVE SPOTS aka one full hour:

Here is the Zoom link information:
Meeting ID: 996 8635 5423

Nomination results will be distributed via email no later than March 13th. According to section bylaws, no more than THREE qualified candidates will be nominated for each position and each candidate can only be nominated for ONE position.

If nominated to run, you will make a presentation and video to the members to be posted on the website on March 16th. Per the bylaws, the ballot will be open for 24 hours starting March 30th. During the General Meeting on March 30th, general members will have the ability to ask questions after the meeting to the candidates, if available.

Nomination Committee comprises of:
Gabriela Hernandez, 2020-2021 President - president@swetamu.org
Sarah Macias, 2020-2021 VP Internal - InternalVP@swetamu.org
Michaela Matocha, 2020-2021 VP Admin - AdminVP@swetamu.org

This application is due by March 6th at 5:00 PM.

Due to the nature of President, VP Internal, and VP External, the nomination committee will strongly factor in the ability of the candidate to live in College Station. For VP Admin, VP Corporate, and VP Finance, the nomination committee recommends students are able to visit College Station and be within driving distance.

Please direct any questions you may have about this to Gabi at the email address above.
First Choice Executive Position
This year we are allowing you to apply for two different executive positions to discuss with the nomination committee where you would best fit if you are unsure about your strengths or where you would best fit into the executive team. Please be clear in your application about which position you would prefer and what strengths you have that would make you an ideal candidate.

Please note that giving two choices for an executive nomination may not increase your chances of getting nominated. If you are not passionate about your second choice then I would highly recommend focusing your application around the position you really want.

Please also be aware that you are only allowed to be nominated for one position, so be sure you are happy with both your first and second choice. The only exception for this is the VP Internal/VP External position as they are similar and a nomination for one would most likely lead to a nomination for another.
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