Summer Session Survey 2018
Greetings Twindly Families!

Please take this short, 8 question, survey to help us gauge interest in Twindly Bridge hosting summer sessions. This information will be used to determine if sessions are hosted, when, how long and what type of classes so we need your help! The cost would be similar to Fall and Winter sessions and would be reimbursable through your allotment.

Please complete this survey for your household by Monday, March 19.

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1. Would your family be interested in attending summer sessions?
2. How long would you like the summer sessions to run?
3. When would you prefer?
4. Which do you prefer? Sessions being offered:
5. How many of your children plan to attend, please check the all that apply.
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6. Would you be interested in participating in a weekly field trip throughout the duration of the sessions? Ideally field trips would be the same day each week, require parents to transport their children and would all take place within 35 miles from the Wasilla Twindly Bridge Charter school.
7. Tell us what interests your student! Please check all that apply
8. Thank you for your time. Do you have any other thoughts about summer sessions you would like to add?
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