Biking for Baseball "Little" Scholarship
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2019 Application
First, let us say thank you to the big for being a mentor. Its because of you and the impact you have made to improving the life of a kid that was the inspiration for us to start Biking for Baseball nine years ago. We sincerely thank you for your interest in our cause and the scholarship.
Application Instructions
Before you get started, make sure you read the scholarship guidelines ( on the Biking for Baseball website. It touches on the spirit of the scholarship, who can apply, and what will be awarded.

First up, this application is intended to be filled out by a mentor and a mentee TOGETHER. That's pretty important. The spirit of the scholarship is to leverage and promote a continuing mentorship throughout the higher education process. Mentees and Mentors will apply and be awarded together. The mentor will then work with the B4B team to ensure the mentee has the necessary support and resources to be a successful student and grow into a productive adult.


Who can apply?

Mentees who will be High School seniors (or equivalent) in the fall of 2019 and have come through an eligible formal mentorship program are able to apply.


How much is being awarded?

We don't quite know. Because of the nature of the fundraising over the summer campaign, it is uncertain how much will be available to be awarded by the end of the campaign.


When will the recipients be announced?

The scholarship custodians will make a formal announcement of the recipients, terms, and amount to be awarded on Friday August 30th 2019.


What can the scholarship go towards?

Education! The B4B “Little” Scholarship is intended to improve kids’ opportunities. That could mean a traditional 4 year undergraduate program, a 2 year associates program, or it could even mean a technical or trade school. Opportunity takes all shapes and sizes, the scholarship committee will work with applicants to understand individual situations to put mentees in the best possible position for success.


Are there more parts to the application other than this form?

Yep! Along with your application, we request a letter of recommendation.

letters should be from people who know of both the Mentor and Mentee and have spent some time around them together. The authors of the letters should be able to attest to the value of the mentoring relationship and the character of both the mentor and mentee. Please email letters in whichever format you prefer to following address with the subject line: ATTN B4B SCHOLARSHIP

Applicants can also expect a phone call from a B4B Board Member confirming their application. Finalists will have a phone interview with a B4B Board Member, both the mentee and their mentor will need to be on the call.

Batter up!
If you have any questions regarding the application process please feel free to send us an email:
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