ARM HPC Workshop by RIKEN AICS and Linaro: December 12-13, 2017 in Tokyo
ARM HPC Workshop
How does the Arm-Powered supercomputing future look and how can you prepare for it? The Linaro HPC Workshop will bring together the leading Arm vendors, end users and the open source development community in Tokyo, to discuss the latest products, developments and open source software support. Topics of focus are, but not limited to:

+ Compilers including GCC, LLVM, C++, Fortran, optimisations, benchmarking and general support
+ OS and Runtime
+ Tools
+ Math Libraries
+ Orchestration
+ Machine Learning

The deadline for HPC Workshop Call for Papers is November 17, 2017.

Session Information
All sessions are 1 hour in length by default (including Q&A). If you need more time, please specify in the "Speaker Special requirements" section. If you can only attend one day of the two day Workshop, please specify which day you would like to present in the "Speaker Special Requirements" section at the bottom of this form.
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