Committee Application
All-ASA Athletic Games Committee
Sub committees: All-ASA Games, Flag Football
Plans Sporting events including yearly games and flag football tournament

All-ASA Activism Committee
participates and encourages ANCA Advocacy Day, Lobbies for Armenian rights

All-ASA Genocide Recognition Committee
Subcommittee(s): Stain of Denial
Responsible for yearly All-ASA Armenian Genocide commemoration event, ensures schools have the resources to host events on campus for Stain of Denial and Genocide Recognition, works towards genocide recognition

All-ASA Education Committee
Subcommittee(s): Quiz Bowl, Leadership Retreat
Responsible for planning Quiz Bowl and Leadership Retreat, plans additional internal educational and leadership development opportunities

All-ASA Educational Outreach Committee
Reaches out to Armenian students in high schools to encourage and help them apply to colleges, creates opportunities for educational advancement while doing outreach by organizing events with local Armenian professional organizations

All-ASA Homeland Initiative Committee
Attempts to bridge the gap between Armenia and diaspora, encourages Armenian youth to visit and volunteer/intern/work in Armenia

All-ASA Socials and Fundraising
plans social and fundraising events such as parties and mixers

All-ASA Cultural Committee
Plans events to promote and celebrate Armenian culture such as Artivism, Armenian Dance Team Competition

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