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In a world currently marked by religious tensions and conflicts, many of us—be it atheists, humanists, skeptics, feminists, freethinkers, anti-racists, liberal religious individuals, or members of the LGBTQ+ community—find common ground in valuing the freedom to believe, express oneself, and live authentically. Amidst these global challenges, uniting our voices can send a powerful message of hope and a call for peace.

We aim to establish an online community for all who value the freedom to live as they choose, think or believe freely, and express themselves authentically.

As an individual: Would you want to be part of this community? By joining, you could gain access to a global network of like-minded individuals, a platform to share and learn from diverse experiences, opportunities for collaboration on meaningful projects, and resources to foster personal and intellectual growth. Your voice and perspective are invaluable to us.

As an organization or support group: Would you want your group or organization to be represented? On the platform, you can share your information, events, and ideas outside your own peer group. Find other support groups to cooperate with, tart campaigns, find new members, and more.

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Your donations will help maintain and expand our network. Our monthly operational expenses stand at €100. Additionally, we aim to set aside funds to assist members of our community who face challenges due to their freethinking beliefs. Some have been shunned by their families, while others face persecution. In the past years, we've allocated about $3,000 per month to aid persecuted individuals in the Middle-East, Asia, and Africa.

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