Survey for First Generation College Students
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Please list anyone in your family that has attended college, including your relationship to them, and the highest degree they attained. If no one in your family has attended college, please write N/A.
Example: 1. Aunt - Bachelor's degree
How would you describe your family's economic status?
What factors influenced your decision to attend college? Please check all that apply.
Who motivated, encouraged, guided and/or supported you the most in your decision to go to college?
Check any significant barriers you faced during your application process.
My first few weeks of college I..
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If you have already graduated college, reflect on your experience. How would you describe how you felt as an undergraduate?
How was your experience of making friends at college?
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How easy or difficult was it to connect with a faculty or staff member?
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Did your college provide any support for you as a first generation student?
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Did you attend any pre-college programs through your high school, college, or separate organization that were specifically to help you prepare for and/or apply to college?
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If you did attend a pre-college program, how helpful did you find the experience?
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What kinds of support, information, or services would you have found most helpful during your freshman year of college? Choose all that apply and feel free to add additional ideas.
What type of support programs would you attend if offered at your school? Choose all that apply and feel free to add additional ideas.
What kinds of information would you find helpful online for first generation college students?
If a non-profit organization came to your school to support first generation college students, which method would you find the most helpful?
How did you find out about this survey?
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