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What is a Whisper-gram?
A Whisper-gram is an opportunity for you to send a loving message to anyone else in the world.

You write a loving message to another person and I will read it on my Sleep Whispers podcast.

To Whom send a Whisper-gram?
You could send a Whisper-gram to your best friend, close friend, significant other, spouse, family member, someone you admire, or to just anyone who you want to send a positive and caring message to.

You can also write one as an open expression for how you feel about someone even though you won't or can't contact them - like a famous person, someone you lost contact with, or someone who has passed on.

And you can also send one to yourself to give yourself a boost.

Why send a Whisper-gram?
To Express Love and/or Friendship

To Reminisce about a Favorite Shared Moment

To Express Gratitude & Appreciation

To Celebrate a Special Occasion

To Offer Support and Encouragement

To Share an Open Expression

To Give yourself a Boost

To Express a Message to the Sleep Whispers Community

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Write your Whisper-gram
1) Use the topic you selected above to guide you
2) Write it in the first person (eg; :"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you why you mean the world to me...")
3) Be honest, positive, loving, candid, and expressive
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What happens next?
If I use your submission then it will appear on an upcoming podcast episode.

The episode show notes will have the time codes for each Whisper-Gram along with the "To" and "From" information which were entered into this form.

Example: (5m:33s) Whisper-gram to Jessie from Pat

How will the other person know they have a Whisper-gram?
Once the episode is published you have two options:

1) Tell the other person (in person, email, text, phone, etc) the name of the podcast, the episode number, the names you used for you both, and the episode time code of your Whisper-gram.

2) Or, use the sharing function inside the podcast episode to send the person a direct link to the episode (look for the words "share episode", "share" or look for the icon of a box with an up arrow). Tell them the names you used for you both, and the episode time code of your Whisper-gram.

Want to send another Whisper-gram?
Go ahead and fill out another Whisper-gram form any time you like, you are welcome to submit as many as you like.
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Thank you
Thank you for submitting a Whisper-gram and for spreading love.

Harris, Host of the Sleep Whispers podcast

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