NIETOC Host Application
The National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC), a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, is and is seeking venues for the Tournament of Champions. The event involves over 150 high schools and about 700 hundred high school students. It showcases the country’s best speech talent and awards more than five-thousand dollars in college scholarships.

The NIETOC provides students exposure to a diverse group of performers and literature from the nation's best and brightest in Oral Interpretation and Oratory. This event will provide renewal for teachers with guided workshops, networking opportunities with programs nationwide, and strategies for increasing student achievement.
Your host application represents a serious commitment and as such, the NIETOC executive board will carefully review your application to determine whether a site visit would be an appropriate next step in our confirmation process.
We are currently accepting host applications for the 2020 Tournament of Champions and beyond. The NIETOC is interested in receiving host applications from locations interested in hosting. We thank you for your interest and look forward to reviewing your application.

General Information
A successful application to host the NIETOC will adhere to the following guidelines and ideally, exceed them.

Dates: The tournament spans three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) (Typically the 2nd/3rd weekend of May)

Air transit: A commercial airport within the vicinity of the hotels and competition spaces with a seat lift of at least an additional 1,500 passengers is required.

Ground Transportation: Rental vehicles must be easily accessible and available. Approximately 200 vans/full size vehicles will be needed.

Hotel Rooms: (Wednesday Evening through Monday Morning) 400 hotel rooms will be utilized over the course of the event, or approximately 4-5 room nights. Different room rates should be available to accommodate different school budgets. A range of $50 to $150 per night plus tax is expected. All rooms are purchased directly through the school, not through the NIETOC. The NIETOC does not guarantee any specific amount of pickup nor is responsible for rooms not picked up by the agreed upon drop date. Hotels should be proximate to the competition spaces and the airport. The NIETOC will negotiate all hotel contracts.

Coach reception: A space, preferably in the same hotel as registration, in a room that must be able to accommodate 125 people for a private event for coaches.

Registration: (Friday) Held Friday morning, this event welcomes our coaches. A ballroom/space that accommodates 150-200 is typically sufficient for this event. It must be available from 7:00am to 1:00pm.

Competition Spaces: (Friday-Saturday) The tournament uses approximately 90+ competition spaces /rooms during the competition. A competition space is defined as a room with a door, typically classroom size. It must be able to comfortably accommodate 10-25 people. Ideally, these spaces are in as few locations as possible. Proximity from one location to another is a large factor in the NIETOC Board’s decision. Additionally, there needs to be a space for twenty–five to fifty seats that would house our coach’s workshops.

Hospitality/Concessions: Over the years our guests have come to expect a unique hospitality suite and a varied and nutritious concession stand. The host school will be given a budget to provide 5 meals in the coach/judge hospitality. The concession stand provided by the host school must serve 4 full meals for student consumption along with continual nutritious snacks. All cost and profits generated by the concession stand are the host’s school
Final Rounds/Awards: (Saturday and Sunday) The final rounds are held on the Saturday and Sunday of the competition. The venue for these performances must be able to accommodate at least 700 people. Professional audio/visual setup is required. Another room/auditorium/theater must be available and accommodate 200 people. Other tournament spaces within the same facility must also be available for: trophy storage, tabulation, judge/coach hospitality and a student lounge.

A successful application will recognize the prestige as well as opportunity that hosting the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions will bring to a locality. The most successful application will include short and/or long term incentives for the NIETOC. These incentives would be , but not limited to:
• The final round venue as well as audio/visual setup
• The registration site including the rental of tables and chairs (if necessary)
• Operating Expenses (janitorial, utilities, security, etc.)
• Promoting and securing advertisements for the Program Book
• Seek sponsorship for contestant trophies

As a thank you for hosting the NIETOC will waive fees for the host school up to $1500 for the year they host.

Please feel free to contact the NIETOC President with questions regarding this application process

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