Hopkins Escape Room
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Welcome to week five (? six? seven? Honestly, you’ve lost count) of quarantine. Now that your lab isn’t able to do wet lab research, your advisor has instituted a weekly Zoom journal club every Monday morning.
Today is your day to present, and you think you’ve picked out a pretty good paper. An hour before the meeting, you open up your laptop to make sure all your slides look good. You are greeted with a horrifying pop-up:
It appears that your roommate Stephanie has changed the WiFi password overnight for some reason! And of course, you have no idea what the new one is. Two or three frantic texts to her have gone unanswered. You’ve knocked on her door and even tried to open it, but the door was locked and there was no response. You sit down heavily at your laptop, trying to figure out what to do, when you notice a sticky note tacked to the fridge.
You always knew that she was kind of a weirdo, but it looks like quarantine has driven her to puzzle-making insanity. No time to argue, you better get started with puzzle solving!
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