Computer Cart/Room Request Form
Procedures for Requesting Use of Computer Carts/Rooms

- Please request carts at least 24 hours ahead of time or else the request may not be
processed in time.
- Fill out this form. [Computer Cart/Room Request Form]
- Report any issues with the cart/laptops along with the seating chart/laptop sign-out

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Reason for Usage: (Be specific for curriculum documentation) *
Examples: Researching <insert>, Taking a test on <insert>, Lecture on <insert>, etc.
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Last Date Requested for:
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Carts distributed based on availability.
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Room Location for Cart
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Notes/Special Requests:
Examples: List of websites that may need to be unblocked/checked, will need software setup.
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- Requests submitted on the "Computer Cart/Room Request Form" will be handled in a
priority order with attention given to the date they were received.
- For any special request, please describe in detail what you are requesting, i.e. software,
printing, scanning, etc.
- The Computer Cart/Room schedule is updated manually and may take a few hours
before it is updated with the request.
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