Barcelona AcroYoga Solar Acrobatic Immersion with Ale Ruiz & John Karvelis
We are super excited about this training happening in Barcelona, right before BYC and very happy to have YOU there! Please fill in this form and we will get in touch with you directly within a few days to confirm that we got it!

Investment for this Immersion:

Super Early Registrations until 1st March: 400€
Early Bird Registrations until 20th May: 450€
Regular price: 550€
Weekend drop-in: 225€
Combo registration with BYC 5 DAYS PASS: -15% to both events

You DON'T need to pay the full amount!
To secure your spot, please send a non refundable deposit payment of €120 to the account below, with "your name + BARCELONA SOLAR" as reference.


Bank's name: N26 Bank
Account holder: IOANNIS KARVELIS
Address: Vogelbach 21, 79429 Malsburg-Marzell, Germany
IBAN: DE44 1001 1001 2625 3559 17

If this option doesn't work for you, please email us for further support:

Cancellation Policy:

Although you are welcome to give your spot to someone else at any time, the deposit is not refundable.
For people paid the full amount: 40 days prior full refund minus 50€ processing fee. Within 40 days to one week before= 1/2 back. A week before or during event, no refund, no exceptions.

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