College Coalition Board Application 2018
The College Coalition Board is led by LGBTQ college students in Iowa who are driven to coordinate statewide projects advocating for better resources, learning environments, and campuses. The Board will meet once every month throughout the school year, October through April, and attendance is required. Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, so there is no deadline to apply or join!

Applicants must be students under the age of 24 years old currently enrolled at a postsecondary education institution in Iowa.

Please get in touch with the Iowa Queer Campus Coalition coordinator, Ric Tennenbaum, with any questions! Her email is, or you can call/text at 515-689-9916.

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In what ways have you been working within your campus and community to improve resources, learning environments, and/or campus life for students? This can include everything from large-scale projects to everyday care work for friends. (200-word max) *
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