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Now taking reservations for whole, half, and quarter beefs for 2023!
Grain-finished, all-natural, locally raised and processed

  • The animals we sell are roughly 2 years old, and have lived their whole lives on open pasture, never confined to crowded feedlot conditions.  Thus, we do not have to use routine antibiotics to keep our animals healthy, and we do not treat with growth hormones.  
  • In the summer, the animals graze on native grassland pastures on conservation-focused lands in the Frenchtown/Huson area.  In winter, they eat a diet of alfalfa & grass hay that we put up (so we know it's free of residual chemicals), and we supplement their diet with non-GMO barley for about the last 12 weeks before we butcher.  The result is beef with nice marbling and superb taste!

The total price will depend on the size of the animal.  A typical beef finishes out at around 1,100 lbs live weight, and the hanging weight is roughly 60% of that (so 660 lbs).  The price per pound you pay is $4.65/lb based on hanging weight.  This price includes all processing costs (for those who have bought from us in the past, we're doing it differently this year, just to make the calculations simpler).  Here are examples of costs given the scenario of an animal with a 660 lb hanging weight.  These are good rough estimates of what the total costs will be, but each animal will vary to some extent.
  • Whole Beef total price will be ~$3,070 to $3,350
  • Half Beef total price will be ~$1535 to $1675 
  • Quarter Beef total price will be ~$767 to $837

  • Whole Beef= ~400-440 lbs and requires ~16 cu ft of freezer space
  • Half Beef Share= ~200-220 lbs and requires ~8 cu ft of freezer space
  • Quarter Beef Share= ~90-110 lbs and requires ~4 cu ft of freezer space
You can find a break-down of the cuts and quantities you can expect to get by going to our website: www.triplellivestock.com/naturalbeef  (scroll down towards the bottom of the page)

  • A deposit is required to hold your reservation-- see below for deposit amounts.  We will continue to raise and care for your animal until time for butchering, and then will deliver it to Superior Meats for kill and processing.  
  • After we receive your deposit, we will send you a form to fill out to get your specific cut/wrap instructions (for whole or half beef shares; quarter beef shares will have standard processing)
  • On the date your beef is ready for pickup, we will pick it up from Superior Meats and meet you or deliver it to your home.  (don't worry, we'll send you a reminder a week or so ahead of time!)
  • The balance will be due at pickup/delivery.  We will send you an invoice with exact pricing a week or two ahead of time.

We get it, life happens sometimes.  On rare occasion, we've had someone need to back out due to an unexpected move, a major change in finances, etc.  If that happens, please contact us.  If it's greater than 30 days from your pickup/delivery date, we will refund your deposit minus a $50 re-homing fee.  If less than 30 days, your beef has already been sent to the butcher, and you will forfeit your full deposit amount.

We have ground beef available year-round.  If you need some to hold you over til your beef share is ready, check out our Ground Beef Order Form linked on our website: www.triplellivestock.com/naturalbeef 

We're happy to answer them as best we can!  Please feel free to give us a call (Carly: 406-544-0963 if you want to know about meat sales; Jim: 406-396-8216 if our cows are out-- oops!).  Or you can email us at triplellivestockmt@gmail.com

Jim, Carly, & Clay Lewis
Triple L Livestock, LLC
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Price (incl. processing) is $4.65/lb x Hanging weight
Total price will be ~ $3,070 to $3,350 
Yield will be ~ 400-440 lbs of meat cut & wrapped, and will require ~16 cu ft of freezer space
(roughly $7.70/lb of meat, including all cuts)
$500 deposit required
Clear selection
Price (including processing) is $4.65/lb x Hanging weight
Total price ~ $1535 to $1675
Yield ~ 200-215 lbs of meat cut & wrapped (roughly $7.70/lb of meat, including all cuts)
$250 deposit required
Clear selection
QUARTER BEEF (split half):
Price (including processing) is $4.65/lb x Hanging Weight
Total price ~ $767 to $837
Yield is ~ 100-110 lbs of meat cut & wrapped (roughly $7.70/lb of meat, including all cuts)
$150 deposit required
Clear selection
Preferred date for pickup or delivery. We'll do our best to accommodate requests, based on availability of butcher dates and readiness of the animals.  We will contact you if your selection is not available.
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Any additional comments or questions?  Drop them here, or contact us via phone or email (406-544-0963 or triplellivestockmt@gmail.com)
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