JFK Middle School Post-Test
Middle School Post-Test for the Signs of Suicide (SOS) Program
Exercise and listening to music are examples of positive coping skills. *
Increased anger or irritability could be a warning sign of depression. *
If a friend suddenly stops posting on social media or responding to texts, it probably just means they need a break; I should just ignore it. *
Depression is an illness that doctors can treat. *
Drugs and alcohol can make depression worse. *
Feeling sad and being depressed are the same thing. *
If I talk to someone about their suicidal feelings it may give them the idea to kill themselves. *
You should never leave someone alone who may be at risk for suicide. *
If a friend posts something online about wanting to die, it is not as serious as if they were to say this in person. *
If I am worried about a friend but they promise me that they are fine, it is okay to keep it a secret. *
A friend who complains of not being able to concentrate in school or not being able to sleep might have depression. *
If a friend I am worried about refuses to talk to an adult, I still need to tell. *
What does "ACT" stand for? Acknowledge that you or your friend has a problem and needs help, Care about your friend, and T??? *
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