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This is an application to join Mubarakah Ibrahim's Beta Test for her new 21 Day weight loss diet and exercise program for women. I am looking for 50 women who need to lose 20 pounds or more.
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Are you willing to give a written assessment of your experience and results of the program. *
Are you willing to submit a photo before and after to show your results *
Do you understand that this is an ONLINE PROGRAM and you will get access to the complete plan, meal plan, explanation videos and workouts in a members only website? NO physical book will be mailed nor live workouts held. *
Are you self-motivated enough to participate in a 21 Day Weight Loss Transformation program ONLINE? *
Will you be ready to start on Thursday March 23rd? *
Do you understand that it will cost $47 if you are accepted as one of 50 women to Beta Test this diet and exercise plan *
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