Lunar New Year Sign Up Sheet
What is Lunar New Year?
The Lunar New Year is also called spring festival. Being one of the traditional pan-Asian festivals, it is the most important festival for Asian people including Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. It shares similar significance with Christmas in America, in which families from around the country gather together and celebrate the holiday. The meal for Lunar New Year is indeed the best meal of the year (Imaging your Christmas dinner with a Chinese twist in it :P). The tradition in China for Lunar New Year is to make dumplings with families. And, of course, the most exciting part of the Lunar New year celebration is New Year fireworks.

tldr version:
Come to Lunar New Year Celebration to have fun! :D
Located in Corbett Center 3rd floor ballrooms at Feberary 9th from 3 pm to 8 pm.

Chinese trivia:
The traditional Chinese zodiac attaches one of 12 animal signs to each lunar year in a cycle. 2019 is the year for 猪 (Zhu the pig) (0(oo)0).

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