Trees & Urban Planning/Design
Please help California ReLeaf strengthen our urban forests by sharing your insights and practices regarding the intersection of urban trees and your work as a planner, urban designer, landscape architect, or other type of urban design professional. We are asking you to take this short 6 minute survey to answer 12 questions. We'd like to have your response pretty pronto -- by late May / Early June. Thank you!

The goal of the survey is to help urban forest nonprofits & professionals better understand the priorities, concerns, and perspectives of planners and urban design professionals, so that together we can create healthier, more sustainable and appealing urban neighborhoods.

Results of the survey will be presented in a webinar jointly sponsored by the California Chapter of the American Planning Association and California ReLeaf. Resources to help urban forest nonprofits better understand the perspective of planners and urban design professionals will be provided on California ReLeaf's website at

California ReLeaf is the umbrella organization for nearly 100 urban forest nonprofits and community benefits organizations throughout the state to whom ReLeaf provides education, advocacy, and pass-through grants. Their mission is to empower grassroots efforts and build strategic partnerships that preserve, protect, and enhance California’s urban and community forests.

Thank you in advance for completing this survey.
If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Blain at or 916.497.0034.

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Please indicate how much value you place on the following benefits of urban trees: *
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Urban heat island reduction
Air quality improvement
Facilitating active transportation
Stormwater management
Water quality improvement
Promoting physical activity
Human health benefits
Increased retail business
What are the primary barriers or deterrents to planting more trees in your city or county? Select the TOP 3 barriers (instead of all that apply). *
In your city or county, how much interaction do you have with: *
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City Arborist
Urban Forest Manager
Urban Forest Nonprofits
Tree Care Company
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In your work, what are your top 3 - 5 priorities when developing plans or designing communities or landscapes? *
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What concerns/suggestions about urban trees would you like to share with urban forest professionals so that they better understand your perspective as a planner/urban designer? How can urban forest professionals more effectively engage with planners/urban designers? *
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