The Dr. Selden K. Smith Endowed Scholarship for Student Global Experience
Eligibility for application: Student must be enrolled as a full-time student in either the Women’s College or Evening College; and in good academic and judicial standing at the time of travel. Review all requirements prior to starting this application as there is not an option save your work and return to the form later.

Applications are due Monday, November 26, 2018.

Application Process
A successful application submission will include the following:
* This electronic application form with every section completed (biographic information, question prompts, and attestation of understanding)
* You must complete and upload a detailed budget (it would be helpful to review the sample budget and tips linked in the budget section of this form prior to starting your submission)
* Approval by your academic division program chair to travel during program of study (this must be done prior to starting the form)

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The Dr. Selden K. Smith Endowed Scholarship for Student Global Experience is awarded twice each academic year, based on the available funds and number of applications selected by the Global Studies committee. Once awarded, the scholarship is to be used within the academic year. Summer travel is included. It provides scholarship support of up to $5,000*, depending on available funds, for travel outside the Southeast region of the United States and beyond the U.S. Travel must be related to experiential learning or studying abroad. All funds will be used each year and the final amount awarded may vary given fund availability.

The scholarship is named in honor of Dr. Selden K. Smith, a longtime Columbia College professor. Dr. Smith joined the Columbia College faculty in 1960 and served for 37 years. In addition to teaching and serving as chair of the department of history and political science, he was instrumental in bringing to campus a series of concerts, lectures, films and exhibits that enhanced the College’s academic culture. He has a special passion for teaching Holocaust history and served on the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust and the South Carolina Jewish Historical Society.

Donor and friend, Anita G. Zucker, states: “For decades, Selden has encouraged his students to travel in order to better appreciate history and gain understanding for each other and all people. He is a very special man who has tirelessly fought for the rights of people throughout the world. I am honored to create this scholarship in his honor and provide these life-changing, travel-study experiences for more students.”

Use of awarded funds
Student must be in good academic and judicial standing at the time of application and use of the awarded funds. Funds must be used for global travel experience within one year of award AND prior to graduation. Students are eligible to be awarded the scholarship once during their career at Columbia College. As part of this Scholarship, student must present his/her experience in person or in a 10 minute video at Spearsfest and/or at some previously agreed to event. Student MUST take the initiative and coordinated with the Global Studies committee after his/her return.
Question Prompts
Using the space below share more details about your intended travel experience and explain why you should receive the Dr. Selden K Smith Scholarship funds.
Where and what do you plan to study? *
Approximately when do you intend to travel? *
How is this global travel related to experiential learning/study abroad or to service? *
What activities and experiences do you intend on pursuing while in the global location? *
How would these activities contribute to your academic and professional development as a global citizen? *
Optional additional information
Additional Application Requirements
You will need to upload a detailed budget. In order to do this, you will need to sign in to Google to add a file to this form (see section below). You may use your Columbia College email address to sign in. Signing in does not force you to create a Google account.
Please upload a detailed budget for your intended travel. *
Develop a line item budget with your expected expenses and expected sources of funds. Include travel, lodging, coursework, materials, travel insurance or other health-related short-term travel expenses, and appropriate miscellaneous expenses. It may also include cost of tuition for other approved academic institutions, other than Columbia College, as long as they relate to the global study experience. Sources of funds may be personal savings, scholarship, family contributions etc.
Need assistance creating a budget? Check out these helpful sites and samples of realistic study away budgets.
Sample Study Away Budget Worksheet by the NAFSA - International Educators Association (

17 Smart and Realistic Tips for Your Study Abroad Budget by Diversity Abroad (

The Cost Of Living In Every Part Of The World In One Infographic by Business Insider (

Cost of Living Calculator by Numbeo (

I have read and understand all requirements and eligibility criteria for the Dr. Selden K. Smith Endowed Scholarship for the Student Global Experience. *
I have completed all sections of the scholarship application and have received approval from my academic division program chair to travel during my program of study. *
Please include the name of the Program Chair from whom you discussed and received travel permission.
Thank you for your interest in the Dr. Selden K. Smith Endowed Scholarship for the Student Global Experience.
The budget will be submitted through this form to the Chair of the Global Studies Committee: Mrs. H Ghandour ( Please contact Mrs. Ghandour with any questions pertaining to the scholarship.

If you have questions about study away experiences through the College or inquiries about this form, contact Melissia Brannen at or by calling (803) 786-3888.

Please note: Upon completion of the travel experience, the recipient is expected to share their experience in some manner with the campus community. If the student is graduating in the winter after a spring or summer study travel and will not be available for the Spring semester presentation, then they must submit a 10 minute video detailing the trip prior to graduation. The recipient may also decide to do a campus presentation, a presentation during SpearsFest, an information board, an electronic presentation for the CC website, or other campus-approved medium of display.

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