GR Nationals 2020: Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th September
Thank you for volunteering to help at this year's GR Nationals!

This form will take approximately 5 minutes of your time, please complete it at your earliest possible convenience to help with accommodation and catering requirements.

We will be implementing new COVID-19 measures, that will affect the amount of ROs per range
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Are you a currently qualified NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) or Range Conduction Officer (RCO)? It is not essential that you are qualified as there are many tasks that need to be carried out on the ranges.
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Please select when you are going to arrive at Bisley
Range / Event Preference *
Please identify below any ranges you would prefer to volunteer on. This will assist us to best allocate you HOWEVER, be prepared to help out on other ranges, as this does not guarantee you will be allocated to your range of choice.
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Availability: Range Crew Day - Friday 4th September *
Please tick below your availability during the Range Crew Day:
Range Crew
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Friday AM
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Availability: Competition Days *
Please tick below your availability during the Competition Days:
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Saturday AM
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Range Crew Perks
If you volunteer to be part of the Range Crew on you will get a number of 'Crew Points' to use towards meals or accommodation during the Meeting, or convert them to credits to be used in the next 12 months on Competition or Course entries.

You get 4 points for each full day volunteered, 1 point for each half day.

Breakfast and Lunch on RO Friday DOES NOT use up crew points, and is available to those competing or volunteering when pre-booked.

Spending points on Accommodation: Tents and Caravans are two points per pitch, per night. Huts are 2 points per person per night.

PLEASE CHECK confirmation emails to ensure you have got the items requested.
Range Crew Perks
We still aim to offer meals to all ROs, with COVID-secure measures in place. At present we are still confirming how this will be organised, but will inform you as soon as we have more information.

Please indicate which meals you would like to use your Crew Points on.

Meals on Friday - Will not use crew points
Meals on Saturday– Sunday will use crew points
Meals *
Friday - Breakfast (0 Points)
Friday - Lunch (0 Points)
Saturday - Breakfast (1 Point)
Saturday - Lunch (1 Point)
Sunday - Breakfast (1 Point)
Sunday - Lunch (1 Points)
Do you have any dietary requirements?
Clear selection
Please indicate which nights you require accommodation for:
Accommodation *
Thursday 3rd September
Friday 4th September
Saturday 5th September
Sunday 6th September
Type of Accommodation *
If you have Crew Points left over, would you like to convert these into credits to be used towards future competitions or courses?
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