Cerco casa - Looking for a flat - Busco piso
This form help us to know when you will arrive, your needs, and to be ready to help you in the research when you will be in Catania. You won't receive a direct answer, follow our Facebook group and there we will set up daily a meeting point to go searching home together. See you soon!
Quando arrivi? When do you arrive? ¿Cuándo llegas? *
Quanti mesi starai a Catania? How many months will you stay in Catania? ¿Cuántos meses te vas a quedar en Catania? *
Come ti chiami? What is your name? ¿Cómo te llamas? (name and surname) *
Sesso? Sex? ¿Sexo? *
Qual è la tua email? What is your email address? ¿Cuál es tu correo electrónico? *
Qual è il tuo numero di telefono? What is your telephone number? ¿Cuál es tu numero de movil? *
Scrivi qui il tuo contatto di Facebook. Write here your Facebook contact. Deja aqui tu contacto Facebook. *
Cerchi casa solo o sei in compagnia? Are you looking for a room of your own or you prefer to share it with a friend? ¿Buscas el piso solo o quieres estar con alguien? *
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