【HITCON Summer Training 2019】Call for Speakers
徵稿內容(Call For Training)
Along with the increasingly diversified methods of attack, both government and enterprise continue to expand investment in information security, while paying more attention to the training of cybersecurity education to make up for the defect of the system and the application of tools. Therefore, we continue to open the HITCON Summer Training 2019 courses and welcome all information security professionals around the world to participate proposals, providing opportunities for the government agency and private corporation security personnel to improve their technical application and adaptability to counter the new type of hacker attack.

We welcome every proposal covering topics including but not limited to Artificial
Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT Security, Web Security, OS Security, Mobile Security, Container Security, Car Hacking, Wi-Fi Hacking, Vulnerability Research, Exploitation Technique, Shell coding, Reverse Engineering, Digital Forensics, Risk management, or general security knowledge. Both entry and advanced level courses are welcomed! It would be our honor to have you on board and share your excellent insights and findings with our enthusiastic participants so that our prospective security experts-to-be will have a precious opportunity to learn something by a hands-on approach, and benefit from your ideas covering every basic and advanced topic, for each and every one of them.

伴隨著日益多元的攻擊手法,政府部門、私人企業不斷在資安防護擴大投資,同時更注重資安教育訓練,彌補制度上的缺陷及工具應用的不足。故此,我們持續開設 HITCON Summer Training 2019 系列課程,歡迎資安專家踴躍投稿擔任講者,提供公、私部門資安人員進修機會,使其提升技術應用及應變能力,以對抗新型態駭客攻擊!

不論您的專長在 Artificial Intelligence、Blockchain、 IoT Security、Web Security、OS Security、Mobile Security、Container Security、Car Hacking、Wi-Fi Hacking、Vulnerability Research、Exploitation Technique、Shellcoding、Reverse Engineering、Digital Forensics、Risk management 或是資安通識課程,任何領域的稿件我們都歡迎!我們歡迎您的攻防實戰經驗,並讓學員在分班分級的課程中,透過親手實作,深度體驗資安最新攻防技術。

講師條款與規定說明(Terms and Conditions)
Call for training: 03/29 (Fri) ~ 05/14 (Wed)
Training Date: 08/19 (Mon), 08/20(Tue), 08/21(Wed), 08/22(Thu)
Session: 09:30 - 12:30 AM, 14:00 - 17:00 PM
For more information: training@hitcon.org

投稿日期:03/29(五) ~ 05/14(三)
上課時間:上午 09:30 - 12:30、下午 14:00 - 17:00

HITCON Community 2019 活動資訊
Date: Aug.23-24, 2019
Venue: Academia Sinica

日期:2019.08.23(五)- 2019.08.24(六)

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