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FlipTech2020  is a free virtual gathering centered on "Teaching that works in 2020".  Presentations will address a variety of types and topics and will be delivered to participants digitally.
Presenters are also expecting to participate in a scheduled discussion with the format of their choice (live chat, video conference or stream)  to discuss and answer questions about their topic.  The goal is to provide this virtual gathering free to all participants in this time of professional development need. The goal is a community of educators meeting the needs of the community of educators.
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This event is FREE.  By completing this form you are in no way obligated to attend. We are only asking for your information so that we can provide you the schedule of events and information about presentations and presenters as they are locked-in. We would also like your input as to what types of topics are of interest to you, and we will try to find an expert to help from our community of educators.  Is this something you would be interested in? *
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What would be a preferred format of presentation? (e.g. screencast, video, extended reading, podcast, etc.) *
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