UIUC as Sanctuary for Undocumented Community Members (Please sign only ONCE. Your name will appear after a period of time, usually by the next day or two. If you have problems signing, please contact anpaik@illinois.edu or grosas2@illinois.edu)
13 November 2016

Timothy Killeen, President, University of Illinois
Robert J. Jones, Chancellor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Assata Zerai, Associate Chancellor for Diversity, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Re: UIUC Sanctuary for Undocumented Immigrants

Dear President Killeen, Chancellor Jones, and Associate Chancellor Zerai:

Following the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, we faculty, students, workers, and alumni of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign ask that the university administration begin immediately the process of making our campus a formal sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, their families, and related community members.

We want an unequivocal, public declaration of our university’s support for and protection of undocumented people and their families on our campus. The president-elect and his cabinet promised in his first one hundred day plan to deport millions of immigrants, build a wall that divides the United States from the global south, and abolish the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that provides relief from deportation for over 700,000 young people in the United States. These policy decisions will break up families and tear apart the fabric of our community. (See http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-deport-immigrants-immediately-when-mexico-wall-a7415116.html)

Moreover, we are alarmed at the vitriol that students and community members are experiencing across the United States in the aftermath of the recent election. Reports of gross imitations of disabled youth, threats to aid in the deportation of students and their families, renewed deployments of the ‘N’ word, sexual aggressions against young women, bullying of Muslim and LGBTQ+ youth, reappearances of swastikas, among other acts, point to hostilities that infiltrate our campus. (See http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/11/us/police-investigate-attacks-on-muslim-students-at-universities.html?mwrsm=Facebook) Indeed, our students, faculty, and community members have already reported incidents of bullying, hatred, and intimidation on our campus. A young woman student who was wearing a hijab reported that a knife was flashed at her on public transportation to campus. Another woman had a man on the bus try to tear off her hijab. A Puerto Rican faculty member was verbally attacked by a Trump supporter while walking across campus. A man on the Quad yelled racial slurs and told an Asian American woman to go back to her country. A Chicana student had a group of young men yell “build a wall” at her and the young student she mentors. Such attacks will proliferate in the coming days without a strong response from the university administration.

In light of this vitriolic social environment and the coming policy changes, we ask the UIUC administration provide the assistance under its purview. We make the following specific requests:

+ Guarantee student privacy by refusing to release information regarding the immigration status of our students and community members. Refuse to comply with immigration authorities regarding deportations or raids.

+ Assign a specific office and specific administrators who will assist our DACA students and other students who lack the privilege of citizenship on a strictly confidential basis.

+ Guarantee that this same office shall be charged with pursuing funding for all students who lack citizenship.

+ Guarantee in-state tuition to students previously awarded DACA recipients.

+ Assure that all students receive a campus, classroom, and community experience free of hostilities, aggressions, and bullying by publicizing the campus-wide anonymous reporting mechanism, training all staff and faculty in de-escalation intervention techniques, and expanding the Safe Rides and Safe Walks program (training all assistants in bias events).

Given the urgency of the situation, we ask that UIUC take these steps immediately, this semester, before the president-elect is sworn into office.

As our university mission articulates, UIUC seeks to “transform lives and serve society,” in part by “treating each other with dignity and respect.” We do not take these core values lightly. The turn in our social and political environment and future federal policy shifts threaten our mission. By moving to serve the immediate and long-term needs of the undocumented members of our community, we can preserve what we hold so dear to UIUC, fostering a welcoming community for all its members, regardless of religion, race, gender, sexuality, or immigration status.

Awaiting your action.


Gilberto Rosas, Senior Research Fellow Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory, Associate Professor, Latina/o Studies and Anthropology
A. Naomi Paik, Assistant Professor, Asian American Studies
Martin Manalansan, Associate Professor and Department Head, Asian American Studies and Anthropology
Mimi Thi Nguyen, Associate Professor and Associate Director, Gender & Women’s Studies and Asian American Studies
Erik McDuffie, Associate Professor, African American Studies
Julie Dowling, Associate Professor, Latina/o Studies
Jonathan Inda, Professor and Department Chair, Latina/o Studies

Kathryn Clancy, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Jennifer L Baldwin, Doctoral Candidate, Medical Scholars Program, Anthropology and College of Medicine
Jodi Byrd, Associate Professor, English and Gender & Women's Studies and Faculty Affiliate at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Emily Floess, Graduate Student, Environmental Engineering
Ricardo Díaz, Alumnus
Julie Torres, Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology
Robert W. Barrett, Jr., Associate Professor, English
Jeongsu Shin, PhD Student, Anthropology
Ga Young Chung, PhD Candidate, Education Policy Studies and Asian American Studies
Anacecilia Luna, Alumni
Maritza Hernandez , MEChA/APAC
Justine S. Murison, Associate Professor, English
Sergio Poo-Dalidet, PhD Student at College of Education
Junghyun Lim, student in College of AHS
Summer Sanford Anthropology Dept
Jocelyn Ramirez, student, UIUC
Natalie Nagel, Alumnus
Simon Jun, Korean Resource Center
Esther Godia
Carol L. Tilley, Associate Professor, School of Information Sciences
Stanley Godia
Edward Godia
Natalye Tate, Department of Anthropology
Maura Stutzman, School of Information Sciences
Damian Duffy, School of Information Sciences
Gabe Malo, PhD Student, Institute of Communications Researc
Jorge Mena, Assistant Director, La Casa Cultural Latina
SaeHee Chun, NAKASEC
Patrick Kimutis, Graduate Student
Terri Weissman, Associate Professor, Art History
Jennifer Anderson Bliss, Lecturer, Program in Comparative & World Literature
Janelle Perez, PhD Student
Eduardo Martínez, Political Science, English, Secondary Education
Zach Sell, PhD Candidate, Department of History
Melissa Roman, MSW candidate
Melissa Maldonado
Jacob Reed, UIUC Student
Leanna Duncan, PhD Student, History
Angelito Tenorio, UW-Madison
Kimberly Roldan
Catalina Hernandez. Graduate Student, Curriculum and Instruction
Eder Valle
Jung Won Shin, a proud alumni of UIUC
Dan Gilbert, Assistant Professor, Labor and Employment Relations
Anna Schmidt, Univeristy of Wi-Eau Claire
Catherine Prendergast, Professor, English
Margaret Brennan, PhD Candidate, History
Jessie Wang, Senior in Urban Planning & Geography
Enrique Guerrero - 2011 Graduate
Victoria Mendiola, Student, LLS
Blanca Contreras, UIC Alumni
Jasmine Navarro
Gharbzadegi Art Collective
Stephanie Camba, Alumni
Reem Ali
Jennifer Patino UIUC student
Egle Malinauskaite, Illinois Tech student
Cristina Romero
Sarah Martin, Undergraduate Junior, Global Studies & Linguistics
Ellen Moodie, Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois
Jesus Monroy FYCARE/WRC
Isaac Corzine
Kurby Velez, MSW Candidate
Megan Dwyer
Karen Perez-Wilson UW-Madison Undergraduate Student
Jacob Roth
Hannah Larsen, alumnus
Kasey Umland, Alumni, Class of 2005
Jeff Putney
Deirdre Ruscitti Harshman, History (Doctoral Candidate)
Desi Bote from Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago
Shikhank Sharma - Alumni '12 Non-Tenure Faculty until '15
Marisa Montoya-Monier, MSW Student
Helen Neville, Professor, Educational Psychology and African American Studies
Blake Banks, student
Jessica Dean Turner, UIUC class of 2012 BFA Acting
Francisca Mata, UofI College of Medicine
María Valenzuela, UIUC Undergraduate (Latina/o Studies and History)
Nayeli Flores, UIUC senior
Toby Beauchamp, Assistant Professor, Gender & Women's Studies
Gabriela Benitez, DWN
Sydney Germaine -- uiuc alum, BFA in acting, 2015
Carmen Hernandez DACA students
Felisa V. Reynolds, Assistant Professor, French and Italian
Maria E. Barreiro Gurley Alumni
Anita Mendoza, UIUC alumna
Fernando Martinez alumni
Bryce Henson, Post Doctorate Associate, African American Studies
Samantha Good, Spanish & Portuguese Department PhD student
Adrian Burgos, Jr., Professor, History, Latina/o Studies
Logan Middleton—Graduate student, English
Shannon Wald
Sunny Ture - BSFR
Michelle Patiño-Flores
Zila Renfro, Black Students for Revolution
Ritse Adefolalu, Organizer with Black Students for Revolution
Erika Cruz
Alexander Hazel, Graduate Employee, Dept. of Entomology, UIUC
P.Gregory Springer, alumnus
Taegyung Kang, Shilla Duty Free
Cynthia Zamora, Alum
Cassandra cushman, alum
Carolyn Casady, Alumna, 2012
John Morrissey, Student, Civil Engineering
Jackie Wiese, Alumni
Joanna Aguirre
Tariq Ali, Assistant Professor, History Department
David Morris, Lecturer in English
Debbie Burrs, alumni
Sergio Lemus, PhD, Anthropology, 2014
Sunny Ture - BSFR
Michelle Patiño-Flores
Zila Renfro, Black Students for Revolution
Ritse Adefolalu, Organizer with Black Students for Revolution
Alexander Hazel, Graduate Employee, Dept. of Entomology, UIUC
P.Gregory Springer, alumnus
Taegyung Kang, Shilla Duty Free
Cynthia Zamora, Alum
Cassandra cushman, alum
Carolyn Casady, Alumna, 2012
John Morrissey, Student, Civil Engineering
Jackie Wiese, Alumni
David Morris, Lecturer in English
Debbie Burrs, alumni
Socorro Aguirre
Jorge Meza undergraduate
Ellen Hayes, Alumni - ACES FSHN '13
Cindi Camacho
Alana Ackerman, Anthropology Dept.
Jenny L. Davis, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and American Indian Studies
Samiat Balogun, student
Christopher Ramírez UIUC BURP 1991
Kayla Galvan
Nima Homami, Junior in the College of ACES
Tariq Shihadah, Alumnus
Susan Livingston, Allumni.
Emily Pope-Obeda, Emory University (UIUC PhD 2016, Department of History)
Shotaro Yatsu, proud UIUC graduate & entrepreneur
Shanta Gomez. Student
Mony Ruiz-Velasco, West Suburban Action Project
Elizabeth Wise LUMC
Marissa Garza- alum
Andrea Herrera, UIUC Alum
Kyle McCreedy, Alumni
Brianna Schmidt, student
Cynthia Aguilar-UIUC
Susan Song, nursing student at City Colleges of Chicago
William James Strutz, retired, UIUC
Sarah Mowitz, Alumnus
Tim Dean, Professor of English
Casey Griffin
Dhara Patel, Gharbzadegi Art Collective
Magdalena Filipiuk, student
Adrian van der Velde, University of Illinois
Laura Valderrama- PhD Student in Curriculum and Instruction
Jessica Floeh, Patient X Design
Pedro Flores, Student
Monica Alvarez, UIUC Student
Sylvia Rosillo, student of the University of Illinois
Kaela Talley, School of Music Alumnus
Jamie L. Jones, Dept. of English
Patricia Flores - alum
Carmen Jordan - UIUC ALUMNI
Sharon Cho, Alum
Aurora Adachi-Winter. Alumni. 2012.
Tolu Taiwo, UIUC alumna
Fernando Del Toro
Shay Akil McLean, PhD Student, Sociology
Jhordy Reynoso Student at UIUC
Natalie Lira, Assistant Professor, Latina/o Studies
Michele Plante, School of Information Sciences
Ben Bascom, English Department, Graduate Student
Shannon Wright, graduated University of Illinois, BFA.
Cindy Ingold, University Library
Dina Monk, Alum 2015
Brandon Rivera - Department of Theatre Alum
Vanessa Gabel, student
Mayalin Barr, Alum, 2014
Nicole Turnipseed English
Sandra Orozco
Erron Perez
Luke Michael Grimes - Alumni
Allison Majerczyk
Alaa Qarooni, Student
Evin Groundwater, Doctoral Candidate, Writing Studies
Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.
Bruna Cardoso, MSW
Matthew Quiroz, Graduate Student, Physics
Alex Bernard UIUC alum
Kadeem Fuller
Kirsten Heindl, MSW Candidate
Rachel Gonzalez, Neuroscience Program
Emerald Fikejs
Yazen Affaneh - Student
Liz Gonzalez, Alumni (2011)
Kathleen Downes, B.S. in Community Health UIUC '15, MSW Candidate '18
Sara Timberlake, Alumni, class of 2015
Kathleen D Dubin, MFA, class of 09
Michelle Rodrigues, Postdoctoral Associate, Anthropology
Candace Brahm
Ana M. Torres/ student
Maggie Noble
Andrea Rosales Sierra
Caitlyn Johnson
Katie Fairbanks UIUC MSW candidate
Osvaldo Flores | Ally
Francine Greenberg-Reizen, Chicago Teachers Union
Marisol Carlos/ Public School teacher
Kate Higgs, Alum & community member
Dawn Fridrich, Alum
Syed Ali, student at UIUC
Anastasia Dzincioloski
Jack Horwitch, Alumni
David Stevens. Chemistry
Amy Williams
Aaron Brannen, Student
Sandy Perez, School of Earth, Society and Environment
V. Priest, Dean, Math and Sciences, Rio Hondo Colllege; B.S 1985
Sandra Ruiz, Assistant Professor, LLS
Luke Scharf, C-U resident
Carol Brobeck, UIUC Grad student in Urban and Regional Planning
Mercedes White Alumni
Alejandra Agüero, doctoral candidate, EPOL, and University administrator
Margaret Howe, Class of 2007
Matthew Speck, LAS, Class of 2015
Melissa Heil, Ph.D. Student, Geography & GIS
Nisha Mody, Graduate Student, iSchool
Kim So Hee, UIUC
Priscilla Monsivais MEChA
Kadin Henningsen, Department of English
Kaitlin Pineda
Gabriel Rodriguez, Ph.D. Candidate, Education Policy, Organization & Leadership
Ripan S Malhi, UIUC
Ana Reyes, community member
John Sianghio, B.A. 07 M.A. (Political Science) 09
Kathleen Harper, community supporter
Sarah Blanco, Undergraduate in Musicology
Zev Cossin, Anthropology
Mark Begovich, Alum and Former Student Body President and Student Member to the Board of Trustees
Katherine Norman
Lily Jimenez
Elizabeth Jakubowski, Alumni
Kyle Murphy, alumnus
Gail Schnitzer Eisenberg BA 07, MA 09; Civil Rights Attorney and Community Outreach Chair of the UIUC Jewish Alumni Network
Denise Herrera
Yassaman Yarmahmoudi
Blake Bullock - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Social Work
Noreida Garcia, U of I Alum
Bruce Rosenstock, Associate Professor, Department of Religion
Alexandra van Doren, PhD Candidate
Harriet Murav, Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Comparative and World Literatures
Curt McKay, MS '88, Retired Director, Center for LGBT Resources
Kathleen Wiseheart, Alumni
Abigail Taylor, UIUC MSW Student
Gabriel Perez, Undergraduate Student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Karen Hidalgo -student
Swaathi Kurella, student
David Lehman, History
Ellen Dahlke, Alum, Colleges of Education and Liberal arts and Sciences
José A. de la Garza Valenzuela, Dept. of Latina/Latino Studies
Mauricio Pino, PhD Alumni Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
Johnell Bentz, Assistent Head, Department of Special Education
Piyush Labhsetwar, Biophysics, UIUC
Jack Maples
Laura Yoo, BA '13
Susan Aguiñaga, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Kinesiology and Community Health
Evelyn Bromberg, UIUC undergraduate
Michel Koven, Associate Professor, Department of Communication
Rigoberto Campuzano
Marina Philip, Graduate Student, Chemistry
Ashley Duby Student
Jesus Magana, Alumnus (LAS '13) and Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
Krysta Beam, Graduate, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Sharon Irish, Project Coordinator, School of Information Sciences
Fernando Galvan
Tatiana Alonso Illinois Alumini
Nancy M. Ramirez Blancas - Philanthropy Chair-Undergraduate Neuroscience Society Leader/Case Worker-Undo/DACA Ally Support Team
Sylvia Puente, Division of General Studies
Kimberly Stelter -alumna
Alyssa Bader - Graduate student, Dept of Anthropology
J Wallace/alum
Tanya Diaz-Kozlowski, Adjunct Professor, Latino/a Studies
Vicky Ly
Kendra Nalubega, UIUC undergrad student
Alice Mitchell, Alumna of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science '15
Dan Schapiro
Amanda Ciafone, Media and Cinema Studies
Laura Gallagher '14, B.S. Environmental Studies
Valeria Ramirez
Mike Mohr, class of 2001
Shaun Peace | Alumni
Mara Thacker, Assistant Professor, University Library
S. Schroth, undergraduate at UIUC
JK Repner
Austin Wheat
Mary Claire Schmit, UIUC Alum and Organizer with Centro de Trabajadores Unidos
Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, LAS '11, Chicago Alderman
Shariah Bowlin
Adam Yusen
Camille Schumacher, alumni
Sophia Balakian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Amanda Levine
Kathrina Aben, University of Illinois, Department of Anthropology
Stephanie A. Swift, U of I Media Communications Specialist
Christina Armstrong, UIUC Alumni
Aimee Schneider UIUC student
Stephanie Medina, Undergraduate UIUC Student
Katherine Mass, Alum, Class of 2015
Anita Hund, Clinical Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology
Barbara J Ford, Mortenson Distinguished Professor Emerita
Nicole Bieno UW Madison
Caitlin Norton, UIUC alumna
John Ben Soileau, PhD Candidate in Socio-cultural Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign
Alyssa Bralower, Graduate Student, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Michelle R. Nelson, Associate Professor, Advertising and Institute of Communications Research
Katharine Lee, Dept of Anthropology
Mike Jones
Cristina Lucio, Undergraduate Senior in Anthropology, Latina/o/x Studies
Jessica Clotfelter - Student - UIUC
Chris A. Eng, Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Associate, Asian American Studies
Alex Campbell
Shawn Fields, UIUC
Sujey Vega PhD - UIUC Alumni
Matthew Go, Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Vanessa Garcia-undergraduate student activist
Tim Coukart (Senior LAS 101 Intern)
Alberto Lara Valdivieso, Undergraduate
Fernando Roman-Garcia, Grad Student
Edrina Rashidi, Alumna, History MA 2011
Denisse Herrera - UIC Student
Jessica Greenberg, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Hattie Holtapp, civil service, OIIR
Shannon Ehle UIUC Alumni and C-U community member
Grad Student, School of Information Studies
Charlotte Prieu, PhD candidate
Rico Edwards (grad student)
Daisy Navar - UIUC Alumna
Huikyo Lee, Jet Propulsion Lab, Caltech
Jocelyne Robledo - Student at UIUC
Claire Johnson - UI Alumna
Ashley Price, alumna, UIUC
Tammy Masters, citizen
Maggie Shelledy, Department of English
Kelly Chen, Masters Candidate in Urban Planning
Elizabeth DeSantiago, East Asian Language and Cultures undergrad
Isis Rose, Graduate Anthropology Student
Steven Mapaye, UIUC Alumni
Elise Snyder: Integrative Biology Student
Raquel Meza
Yadira Ramirez, Student, Activist- MEChA de UIUC
Michael Vanderwater, Senior in Engineering
Hila Kelly, Justice Studies at Northeastern Illinois University, Champaign Public Library
Shivesh Pathak, Graduate Student UIUC
Emily E. LB. Twarog, PhD Univ of Illinois
Christina Quan - Alumni
Mario Ledesma
Candice Solomon-Strutz, AITS - University Administration
School of Social Work, Doctoral Candidate
Michelle Naese, Alumna and Staff
Alex Berezin
Sylwia Dutka, Gender and Women's Studies
Melizabeth Santos, UIC Alumn
Veronica figueroa
Maria Pineros, Research Assistant
Katherine Scott Nelson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Aaron Gatdula, PSA
Alumni- Uriel Montoya
Hayley Woodrich; UIUC Student
Margaret Kellas, UIUC Alum
Daniel J Higgins, B.A., LAS 2007
Kendall Thrapp, B.S. Computer Eng. 2004
Sara Feldman, Lecturer, Jewish Culture and Society
Thereza Lituma, President of the Native American and Indigenous Student Organization
Skyler Whittaker, UIUC graduate student, Library and Information Science
Stephanie Ruizesparza
Sarah Perez - University of Illinois
Patricia Phillips-Batoma, Center for Translation Studies
Irakere Picon, Alumn
Shauna Burkhalter
Paulina Martinez, Concerned Community Member
Bryan Jones-- UIUC MBA Student
Maritza Quiñones, Ph.D. Department ofAnthropology. University of Illinois
Tatiana Niculescu, Anthropology
Julie Nelson, alumna of UIUC
Loredana Valtierra, 2010 alumna
Bruce Kovanen, Graduate Student, Center for Writing Studies
Grace Park (student)
Lauren McGinnity Boswell
Javier Acosta, Sophomore at UIUC
Kevin Lundgren Independant Contractor
Shean Lin / Friend
Kristen Jamerson, Undergraduate Class of 2012
Mirayra Gallegos, Concerned Community Member
Ernyse Blanson
Diana Aguilar - A Concerned Community Member
Katherine Flowers, English, UIUC
Valerie O'Brien, Ph.D. Candidate, English
Nicole Moore
Martin Hernandez Serna
Michael Palencia-Roth, Trowbridge Scholar in Literary Studies, Professor Emeritus in Comparative and World Literature
Gwendolyn Pepin, University of Illinois student and employee
Christopher Di Franco, MUP at Department of Urban And Regional Planning
Hannah Ayers, Grad student in Art Ed at UIUC
Jesus Sotelo Graduate Student UIUC
Michelle Favela Student
Richard T. Rodriguez, concerned member of the community
Jocelyne Lopez - student
Brian Dolinar, Champaign-Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice
Tracy Gossage, Alumna, Class of 2009
Mary Kate Feldner, LAS MCB student
Jessica Roble
Sergio Navar
Adrianna Gonzalez, Alumna of UIUC
Trevor Bultinck, undergraduate student
Monica Sanchez-Torres
Vic Benitez, GSLIS alumna
Kelsey McGrath, 2014 alum
Sabrina Y. Lee, Graduate Student, English
Jazelyn Cerda and alumni of UIC
Stefany Loeza
Karla Rivero Valles, President, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at UIUC, Mechanical Engineering 2018
Cody Jensen - Academic Hourly
Sherri Kushner, UIUC Alum, MFA 2001 and MA 2003
Michael Gonzalez-SHPE
Nafissa, UIUC
Sarai Coba- HDFS at UIUC
Jessica R.
Rico Chenyek, MD/PhD candidate, Institute of Communications Research & Medical Scholars Program
Taofik Sulaiman (African-American Muslim)
Denis Salinas, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Isabel Diaz, Student
Porshe R. Garner, Doctoral Candidate EPOL/GWS
Vicky Bateman-Alum of UIUC '06
Kathryn La Barre, Associate Professor, School of Information Sciences
Jose Martinez. BS Civil Engineering 2014. Current Engineer at Boeing.
Mayra Manzo
Aimee Zepeda
Perla Morales (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)
Michael L. Rosino, University of Connecticut
Rigoberto Campos, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Alumni
Alejandro Campos. Masters Student at UIUC
Jessica Witte, Graduate Student, English
Kaitlin Marks-Dubbs UIUC Writing Studies
Corina Pedraza
Balbir K Singh, Asian American studies
Patrick Chrobak- UIUC student
Nicholas Cragoe, Doctoral candidate, Sociology
Monica Trevino
Erik Torres
Christine Hedlin, PhD candidate, English
Mauricio Salinas (alumni)
Edilberto Vazquez
Aida Guhlincozzi - GGIS
J.F. Brinkworth, UIUC Anthropology
Jasmin Ramos, student
Francisco Frausto, External Vice President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at UIUC (SHPE|UIUC)
Flor Crisotomo
Paloma Gonzalez
Helen Espinoza-uiuc alumni
Joshua D. Lynch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Michael Hernandez; Graduated UIUC 2012
Deisy Diaz Gonzalez, SHPE
Maria Fox, PhD Student, Anthropology
Kevin Taylor, alumnus
Behrooz Ghamari, Associate Professor History
Michelle Chan, English
Andrea B. Lupas, BS '14
Kenneth Long, Department of Bioengineering
Matthew Alonso, Grad ABE - UIUC
Jaime Perez
Mayisha Zeb Nakib, Physics
Mateo Bautista; UIUC Class of 2020
Renata Revelo, Clinical Assistant Professor ECE - UIC
Ethan Madarieta PhD student Comparative Literature & Latina/o Studies
Lisa Ortiz, Education Policy, Organization & Leadership; Department of Latino/a Studies; Gender & Women''s Studies
Ghassan Moussawi, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Elizabeth Moscoso- ChemE UIC 2012, BioE MS UIC 2019
Ryan Flanagan, Dept. of English
Anna White, Master's of Library and Information Science candidate
Leticia Pérez alumni
Erin Malone, alum
Monica Fernandez, Mechanical Engineer Class of 2020
MFA Candidate / Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Theatre
Xochitl Casillas, UIUC Doctoral Student
Alessandra Torres UIC
Liliana Rodriguez
Rachel Christie, student
Monica Fernandez, Mechanical Engineer Class of 2020
MFA Candidate / Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Theatre
Xochitl Casillas, UIUC Doctoral Student
Alessandra Torres UIC
Liliana Rodriguez
Rachel Christie, student
Karen Flynn, Associate Professor, GWS, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Nancy Cambron Perez, Alum and SA Pro
Alicia Esparza, UIUC graduate
Leslie K. Morrow, Director LGBT Resource Center and PhD student in Education Policy, Organization & Leadership
Amelia Tsang
Yuki Takauchi, History Dept
Ramona Gupta, alumna
Ambika Dubey, undergrad in CS
Patricia Galvez Dep. Of Kinesiology and Community Healtg
Tariq Khan, PhD student, History
Michelle Kiisyo, student
Eric Mendoza - Student
Oscar Castorena
Dayana Delgado Alumni
Dara Goldman, Associate Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Emily Elsenbast Pares, 2009 Alumni
Noemi Salazar, Student
Bing Wang, Student
Kimberly V Ambelis, LGBT
Peter Marquez
Brett Kaplan, Director of Jewish Studies
Rachel Jacoby, Student
Sarah Grison, Parkland College
Brett Hanover, Art + Design
Stephanie Salinas
Marisa Cullnan, student
Daniel Gonzalez University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
Brad Patterson, Service Director, Beta Chi Theta
Beth Schuck, Alumni
Muhammad Yousuf, UIUC student/activist
Mark Sanchez, PhD Candidate, History
Timothy Chen, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Asian American Studies UIUC '16
Tiffany Harris, graduate student; Education Policy, Organization and Leadership; Gender and Women's Studies
Christine Mayer
Harriet Kayombya, Student's parent
Gabriela Garay Latinx Studies and American Indian Studies - Student
Megan Scharlau, alumni
Dana Rabin, Associate Professor, History
Matthew Hom- PSA, President. APAC, Conference Co-Director
Kelsey Martin, member of the community
Carissa Yau, affliated with Allies and Accomplices for Racial Justice
Arianna Adkins, LLS student
Claritza Maldonado
elizaBeth Simpson, phD Student Institute of Communications
Kirstin Wilcox, Dept. of English
Maria Lang
Nicole Nowak
Gabriela Hinner, BS and BA candidate 2017
Paola Padron alumna
Joshua Nielsen, Undergraduate, School of Integrative Biology
Gloria Huezo Class of 1995
Merin Thomas grad student
McKenzie Martin, UIUC undergraduate student
Caitlin Hemby, vet student
Diego Araujo, Alumni
Sunny Shah, Student, Mathematics and Biochemistry.
Shannon Buckley-Shaklee, alum
Monina Diaz
Naveed Akhter, Alumni
Thomas Garza, President CU Immigration Forum
Tomas Delgado
Lisa Diaz, Assistant Dean and Director of 4-H Youth Development
James Kilgore, Center for African Studies
Sarah Sahn, alumna (PhD in Englisb) and current student, School of Information Sciences
Fernanda C Organized communities against deportations
Kanki Takahara
Sherry Yi
Leonorilda Zarco
Jasmine Baines alum
Professor, Educational Psychology
Krystal Smalls, UIUC
Sandra Arguello, Undergraduate
Mary Rogers, PhD Student, Anthropology
Michael Parrish, Academic Adviser, College of Education
Swarna Rajagopalan, UIUC Political Science alumna
Nathalie Guevara
Xavier Ramirez
Edith Peacock Business owner
Emilio Araujo
Christina Carpio, Asian American Cultural Center
Tiffanie Guthrie
Bianca Perez, UIUC undergraduate student
Ryan Grosso, Second Year Student at UIUC
James Delacenserie, UIUC student
Tanairy Delgado Student
Yes, Anne Namatsi Lutomia, EPOL
Jessica Manzano-Valdez, Pomona College '17
Catherine Yee UIUC
Kevin Ng, Alum
Edgar Serrano, Student at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Francisco Garcia (Senior in Electrical Engineering)
Francesca Sallinger, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Esabelle Cherry, LAS undergraduate
Daniel Ross, PhD Candidate, Linguistics
Michelle Zacarias -UIUC Alum/People's World Reporter
Leeza Perez, EALC & Ling undergrad
Bonnie Buckley, Parent of two UIUC Graduates
Islam sharabash
Dane Brandon
Dorian Harrison, Graduate Student, Curriculum and Instruction
Andy Stork, uiuc student
Emma Fredgant, Pomona College 2017
Sophia Phillips, U of Illinois DVM Candidate 2020
Ona Wang, alum
Raymundo Muro Barrios
Mary Juguan, Student
Isabel Ball, Lewis & Clark College '15
Erin Youngblood community resident
Melissa Delgado
Elizabeth Ortiz, Gharbzadegi Art Collective
Luis Espino, Pomona College '18
Jennifer Terry BSW Director of Case Management Avicenna Community Health Center
Bonnie Parker-Head, community member
Martin Solis, Undergraduate UIUC 2019
Josefina Valdivia
José Rico, former Executive Director, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics
Beth Zavala
Kareem Rogers
Zsuzsa Gille
Aubrey Korneta, class of 2008
Anni Poppen
Cari James, College of Media
Monica McDermott, Sociology
Bryana French, Alumna
Karina Roman, UIUC alumna
Veronica Sanchez - Alumni
Rolando J Romero, Department of Latina/Latino Studies
Jake Rundall, UIUC
Gina McGovern, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Elizabeth Singer, Student
Michelle Birkett, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, graduated from UIUC in 2004 with my BS and 2010 with my PhD
Oscar Hernandez
Alondra Chaidez and Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority, inc.
Jill Hallett, alumna and adjunct professor
Elizabeth Sartell, PhD student at the University of Chicago, and Illinois alumni (2008)
Alexis Jones
Bertha Rangel, graduate student in psychology
Paul Nolan
Elizabeth Gartman, student
Dawn Navejas, PhD Student
Maghan Moslander
Sophia Kortchmar, UIC
Karen Evans, Community Member
Anne McKinney, Coordinator, Subsistence Marketplaces Initiative
Robert Kirby, Clinical Professor of Medicine -Emeritus
Maggie Potter - UIUC Student
Eric Carreras AE Alum, SHPE member
Kathryn Oberdeck, Associate Professor, History
Kathryn O'Toole, Graduate Student, English
Kelsey Witt, School of Integrative Biology
Hadrian Quan, Graduate student, Mathematics
Kellie C Lee- private citizen
Candice M. Jenkins, Associate Professor, English and AFRO
Katie Snyder Alumni
Eric Myers
Sara Ann Mason, PhD Candidate, Spanish Linguistics
Brenda Farnell, Anthropology and American Indian Studiess
Joel Muñoz, UIC Alumnus
Sarah Patterson, UIUC alumna
Antonio Sotomayor, Assistant Professor, Library &Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Geovanny Vega, Alumnus
Almike Vazquez, MA student, Spanish Linguistics
Lilah Leopold, Graduate Student
Sara Fernández UIUC
Anna Fedders, Graduate Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Efren McKissick
Cinthya Salazar - University of Maryland
Jessica Torres, alumni
Karie Brown-Tess UIUC student
Rachel Pollard
Stephanie Huezo, Indiana University
Ghassan Moussawi, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Greg Maxson
Katherine Charek Briggs, BA 2008
Patricia Wolfe Anton, Student Affairs
Mark Steinberg, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Dept. of History
Carol Symes, Associate Professor of History
Stuart Levy, Senior Research Programmer, NCSA
Nathan Tye, PhD Candidate, History
Andrew Orta, Professor, Department of Anthropology
Amanda M. Olson (Sartell), alumni, class of 2002
Jennifer (Cichowski) LaDuke, alumni LAS 1997 and College of Law 2000
Iker Garcia Plazaola Phd Philosophy (U of I 2013), PhD Spanish Candidate
Stacy Harwood, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Renée Trilling, Associate Professor, English
Rachael Brumleve - UIC Alumni
Ben DeVries, graduate student
Susan A. Cole, Emeritus Professor, School of Social Work
Susana Ramirez
Maya Gouliard, Graduate Student, RST
Joanne Haynes, UIUC alum and retired faculty
Francisco Guerrero - Alumni
Timothy Wedig, Interim Director, LAS Global Studies
Charish Halliburton of Lourdes University
Rachel Bergherm, student
Alia Bellwood, PhD student, Department of Communication
Suzanne Linder, Adjunct Faculty
Lala Xu, Cornell student
Lauren Segal-Graduate Student UNL
Tatiana Alonso, Alumni
Miguel Gonzalez '13
Carolina Kuhl, UIUC Student
Valene Whittaker, PhD, Alumni, Counseling Psychology Program, Dept. of Educational Psychology
Caleb Curtiss, LAS & College of Education Alumni
Kyu-Youn Butler, DMA candidate
Skylar Chism UIUC Student
Nicholas Brown, UIUC Alum, BFA, MFA
Teresa Barnes, Assoc Prof, History and GWS
Ashley Tapping (undergraduate student)
Jackie Roth
Jackie Makdah
Sandra Hansen community member community activeist
Taylor Williams- UIUC alum and grad student
Adriana Campa, student class of 2019
Yaquelin Lopez Women Working Together USA
Elisabeth Stone, Spurlock Museum
Ruth Nicole Brown, Associate Professor LAS and COE
David Aristizábal Urrea, PhD Student, Anthropology.
Megan Barron, Alumni of UIUC class 2011
Jone Vicente Urrutia -Spanish & Portuguese Department, PhD student
Mindy Perez-Meadows, MS, Animal Poison Control Center (An allied agency of the U of I)
Anita Ramírez, Ph.D - UIC Alumni
Zoë Foote, Graduate student & TA, Spanish
Karen Aram AWARE (Anti-war, anti-racism)
Melissa Antunez, UIUC Alumna
Chris Anderson, TA and PhD Student Department of History
Susan Bywaters, MA Student
Isabel Molina-Guzman, Associate Professor of Media & Cinema Studies and Latina/Latino Studies
Markea Haywood, UIUC Alumna '06
Emily Teitelbaum, PhD student, Education Policy, Organization, & Leadership
Simeon Man
John Polk, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
Frank García, Dept. of English
Jennifer Peruski, PhD Student, Art History
Priscilla Cornacchione Christ Presbyterian Curch
David C Sutton, Emeritus UIUC Physics
Tyler Camp, Undergraduate Global Studies
Stephanie Sloane, Family Resiliency Center
Erin Chandler, graduate adjunct, English
Leslie K Morrow, Director LGBT Resource Center and PhD student EPOL
Loria Moon, PhD 2016, UIUC
Stephanie Fortado, UIUC graduate, and UIUC lecturer
Marjorie Worthington, Champaign community member
Tom Wilson, BS '87, MS '89
Hilary Gross, Graduate Student, English Department
Junaid Rana, Associate Professor and Associate Head of Asian American Studies
Amy Lien, UIUC alumna
Randy Ma, BA Alumni, Class of 2008
Jake Akstins, Actuarial Science '18
Cris Hughes, Anthropology
Kelly McCleary, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
Sarah Richter, PhD Student in Art History
Diana Vargas, Class of 2004
Melissa Padilla, student at Dartmouth College
Hannah Burson, Mathematics
Carolyn Randolph-Kato, Alum
Alicia Altheimer, MD UIUC Alum '07,'09
Maryam Kashani, Gender and Women's Studies and Asian American Studies
Ana Laura Rivero Valles, Student, SHPE member
Jean Moylan
Petra Jelinek, Lecturer, Department of Anthropology
Laura Shackelford, Dept. of Anthropology, UIUC
Ryan Griffis, Associate Professor, Art & Design
Andrés Fernández Alumnus
Emily Cikanek- community member
Shawn Gilmore, Senior Lecturer, English
Faye V. Harrison, Professor, African American Studies & Anthropology
Nicole M. DelMastro-Jeffery, 2015 Alumni, College of Business
Alicia P. Rodriguez, Academic Advisor & Administrative Coordinator, Latina/Latino Studies
Laurel Nobilette UIUC Alumni
Allen Lum, Williams College '12
ilsa Reina, Chicago dweller
Katherine Paterson, Graduate Student, iSchool
Mitchell Oliver, grad student
Philip Phillips, Faculty, Physics
Katherine Van Bebber
Gabriela Carreno, College of Business Undergraduate Student
Ozge Evcen-Curriculum and Instruction PhD student
Lizmeth Sandoval
Miriam Juarez, UCLA student
Guadalupe Trejo, Graduate student-Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Laney Ontiveros, UIUC graduate
Silvia Sukenic, UIUC undergraduate student, College of Education
Dijia Chen, Masters, Urban Planning
Thea Quiray Tagle, 2015-2016 Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Associate in Asian American Studies
Dani Colyer, student in St. Louis
Silvia Escanilla Huerta, PhD Student, History Department
Taissa Bergeman Gonzalez, Alumna
Richard A. Benton, Assistant Professor School of Labor and Employment Relations
Megan Flowers, Champaign Community Member
Elizabeth Raygoza
Alvaro Villagran, MUPP student, UIC
Megan McLaughlin, Professor Emerita of History
Laura Nading, UIC graduate student
Estibalitz Ezkerra, PhD student, Comparative & World Literature
Marc Perry - Universitry of New Orleans ormer UIUC faculty)
Jioni A. Lewis, PhD, UIUC Alumni 2013
Lizvett Roman, UIC alumna
Lian Alan, History and Afro Am. UIUC Alum 2004
Erin Horsey
Lina Ruan, Industrial Design
Jo Kibbee, Prof Emeritus, University Library
Francisco Martinez, LAS '09, Alpha Psi Lambda
Jimmy Gomez, BS '12
Naomi Prager, ISchool Masters Student
Marc Perry, University of New Orleans (former UIUC faculty)
Christine Canfield, BS, CCRP, Carle Cancer Research
Sarah Park Dahlen, Library and Information Science alum (2009)
Helenmary Sheridan, Main Library
Joshua Wilks UIC Student
Amorita Antoine-Falcon, UIUC undergraduate
Emily Cross, University YMCA
Myrna Garcia, Ph.D. (UIUC, B.A. 1996)
Chloe Velazquez
Lucero Varela; Undergrad and Undocumented
Georgina lozano
Jasmine Kirby, Graduate Student iSchool
Jim Hansen, Associated Professor of English
Noah J Peterman, Undergraduate in Computer Engineering
Jenifer Kechulius - Academic Staff
Ann Rasmus, alum, community member
K.R. Roberto, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Information Sciences
Edna A. Viruell-Fuentes
Cole Perry, 2015 doctoral graduate in Human & Community Development
Rachel Rasmussen, St. Andrews Lutheran Campus Center UIUC
Austin Kasper, undergrad
Isaura Pulido, Alum
Iris Hernandez - student
Eduardo Ledesma, Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Elise Frost, Department of Dance
Debra Boros Erikson, Ph.D., Alumni
Christina Leon; UIUC student
Jeff Martin, Depts Anthropology/EALC, UIUC
Jaco Diaz, College of Media Student, Class of 2019
Somie Park, UIUC student
Susan McKenna, M.S. Illinois '07
Gail M. Ferguson, Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies; Faculty Affiliate of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and of the Family Resiliency Center
Sydney Stancik, UIUC undergraduate student
Catherine Kemp, Alum, Class of 2016
Kimberly Hubbard, College of Education
Matt Lee UIUC class of 2008
Glen Goodman, Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Stephanie Meyer, Alum
Christina Ceisel, BA Media Studies, PhD Institute of Communications Research
Anna Kukekova
Eugene M. Avrutin, Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies
Tim King, Three Spinners Refugee Relief
Valeria Vargas - Univeristy of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Nicole Cruz
Stephanie Svarz, Graduate Student at National Louis University
Samuel Smith Academic Professional KCPA
Christina Bueno, Associate Professor, Northeastern Illinois University
Spencer Haydary, Vice-President Internal of the Illinois Student Senate
Veronica Peña, UIUC Student
Nancy Perez
Sirena Mota
Michelle Romo, UIUC Undergraduate Sophomore
Elle Nolley- UIUC Undergraduate Student
David Cisneros, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication
Stephanie Santo, Psychology and Communication
Margaret Villanueva Ph.D. SCUC Prof Emeritus
Gianna Storm
Luz A. Murillo UIUC
Rahul Raju, Student Senator
Susan Martinez, Master's Candidate, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Cynthia Degnan, Graduate Student, School of Social Work
Cecilia Ocampo animal sciences undergraduate student
Shachar Meron, Advertising Lecturer, College of Media
Nora Gannon-Slater, Alumni 2014, Online Instructor 2016
Beth Eby, PhD candidate, history
Nathan Poulosky, UIUC class of 2020
Guadalupe Maldonado Graduate Student
Jaime Perez-Pulido UIUC Student
Jacque Kahn, Academic Advisor & Admin Coordinator, Gender & Women's Studies
Mike Yao, Associate Professor, College of Media
Ashley Palin, Girl Scouts Community Recruitment Manager
Katherine Bohorquez, Undergraduate Student, College of Engineering
Sela Sar, Associate Professor, Advertising and Institute of Communication Research
Patrick Vargas, Professor of Advertising and Psychology, UIUC
Yoon Pak, Associate Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
Alejandro Desince, Columbia College '18
Holly Weitzel, UIUC Student
Alex Eaton, Physics Exchange Student
Jorge Mujica
Jacqueline Mac, LAS '08
Krrish Kothari - Student at UIUC
Niloofar Shambayati, Alumni
Frida Corona, Alumni
Adrienne D. Dixson
Hannah Reed, student
Noah Feingold, Class of 2016
Amanda Mabry-Flynn, Assistant Professor, Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising
Lissette Urióstegui, 2009 Alum
Jasper Colaizzi, UIUC alumnus
Linda Herrera, College of Education
Joy Matias-Ramirez, Northwestern University
Estephany Picazo (undergrad student)
Sydney Beck, post-baccalaureate
Meridith Kisting LAS '15
Diana Leon-Boys, Institute of Communications Research
Melissa Croft, MSW candidate
Elizabeth Villegas
Lulu Rodriguez, Associate Professor and Director, Agricultural Communications Program
Mari A Yamagiwa, UIUC Alumna, BS, MSW
Betsy Kruger, Professor Emeritus, University Library
Kendy Oláguez, UIUC Alumna
Emily Clemens, Alumni Class of 2
Akshat Khajuria, Senator - Illinois Student Senate
Valeria Bonatti, Phd Candidate Sociology
Katie Manning, Williams College, Class of 2020
Sandra Ruiz, Department of Latina/Latino Studies and English
Matthew Schierer, undergraduate, Linguistics and Arabic Studies
Matthew Pasquini, UIUC '16
Isabella Albertoni- Class of 2014
Lila Sharif, Assistant Professor
Angelica Rivera, Ph.D. Northeastern Illinois
Joshua Manning, Undergraduate Student in Global Studies & Political Science
Aritz Regoyo, Graduate Student, Spanish and Portuguese Department
Meera Nair, Undergraduate Student, Psychology
Kelly Tellez, Williams College'17
Inger Stole, Professor, Department of Communication
Jennifer Gibas
Olanipekun Laosebikan, UIUC alum
Nicole Cooke, School of Information Sciences
Xuefei Yu, Junior at UIUC College of Business
José Peralta, Alumnus
Rachael Wilson, Graduate Student
Kristina Kavanagh, alumna
Emily Loeffler, Grad Student
Holly Soboroff, Graduate Student, iSchool
Soffia Kuehner Gray, Student
Shelby Garrett, iSchool
Alma Gottlieb, Professor Emerita of Anthropology, UIUC
Leah Dudak, grad student iSchool and GA in the libraries
Christine Young, Graduate Student
Gabyliz Machado, undergraduate student '18
Youngwoon Han an alum
Gabriela Gonzalez- UIUC'18 Student
Jason Boys
Miguel Suarez Medina student
Megan Lindsey, Graduate Student, School of Social Work
Elizabeth Lardizabal, UIUC Alum '09
Teresa Mariscal, student
Eric Tolar, UIUC Alum 2009
Mary Kalantzis Professor EPOL CoE
Laura Nussbaum-Barberena, Ph.D., UIC Alum '16
A'Keisha Lee
Sequoia Muñoz, student at Parkland College
Jennifer Davila
Christian Rodriguez, Department of LLS
Cynthia Fikejs, parent
Richard Laugesen, Professor, Mathematics
Daniel Johnson Mardones UIUC
Gil Shohet, Alumnus
Justin Winfield, Alumnus c/o 2010
Laura Marquez, Champaign-Urbana Community member
Miguel Zamudi: student class of 18 CSUF
Jeffrey G. Yeung, alumni, 2010, LAS
Sandy Oh University of Toronto
Alexandra Cavallaro, Alum, Assistant Professor CSUSB
Mabely Dominguez, SIUC student
Denise Delgado, Alumna
Briana Sullivan class of 2017
Patty Mullally, Uni High Alum and former community member
Raven Robles, student
Sarrah Spohnholtz, President of Special Populations Student Health Concerns Committee
Paola Estrada, UIUC Graduate student
Kristin Knaus Satterlee, GSLIS Alumna
Alfredo Salomon, Student
Julie Clarenbach, Class of '94
Andrea Camarena, MSW
Margarita Santamaria, Music Student
Anisa Godinez, Undergraduate
Octavio Herrera
Brenda Gisela Garcia, Anthropology PhD Student
Mark Neely, Class of 1993, Professor of English, Ball State University
Veronika Centenero, UIUC '18
Ariel Gonzalez, UIUC Student
Mary Mallory, University Library
Micaela Lucas- UIUC Spanish '16
T van Es, former student
Celia Burke, DURP
Jiyeon Kang, Alum (PhD in Communication)
Vanessa Jacinto-Student
Ariel Gonzalez, Graduate Student, iSchool
Leah Grabowski, Class of 2020, Spanish
Gabriela Murillo, UIUC Student
Dennis Hồ, UIC undergraduate student
Rene Velasco, Graduate Student
Justin Rivera, Class of 2009
Carolyn Mullally
Kathy Roberts, alumna, PhD philosophy
Sydney Torres
Rachel Neubauer
Indronil Ghosh, MechSE Undergrad
Jennifer Aquino, UIC
Damaris Vera, Student
Ruben Sanchez-Oñate, Undergraduate Student
Evan Delfin - UIUC Undergrad
Maria V. Garth, M.A. Student, Art History
Leyda Garcia, undergrad student
Samantha Tone, UIUC alum
Audrey Wells, alumna
Jiwook Jung, School of Labor and Employment Relations
Carla Rubalcava, UIUC student
Alejandra Ochoa, UIUC undergrad
Vianey Aquino, UIUC FSHN undergrad
Ella Shahn
Frankie Granata - Undergraduate
Jasmine Valentine, Latina student
Ruth Yontz, retiree
Brett Boeh, Graduate Student Psychology
Melanie Rohla, Student
Catherine Cantoran
Sarah Barlow-Ochshorn
Monica Astorga, student at UIUC
Carolyn Orson, HDFS at UIUC
Elisa Armea, UIUC Alumni
Viridiana Luna, Graduate Student in Nutritional Sciences
Alejandra Izquierdo
Kerime Alejo, Undergraduate
Lanna Sanchez, student at Pomona College
natalie casal
Valerie Diaz, graduate student
Emilee Rietveld
Ana Fradkin, alum
Patrick Fang
Mia Espinosa
Eric Denby, PhD student in History
Christyan De La Cruz, Art and Design student
Kamel Hampton UIUC student
LaKisha T. David, Ph.D. student, Human Development and Family Studies
Esmeralda Cardoso, UIUC MCB
Vivian E. Presiado-PhD Student in Curriculum and Instruction
Mariselle Meléndez, Professor
Colleen Deal, Classes of 2008, 2010
Anando Naqui, Alumus (Mechanical Engineering)
Jessica Kursman, alumna of Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Anne Innocentini, Elementary Education '17
Chang Dae Ham, Junior faculty, Advertising, UIUC
Maria Manrique, DVM Class of 1995
Paola Flores - UIUC student
Sarah Hamideh, undergraduate student, Middle grades education
Fabian Prieto-Ñañez, PhD student, ICR.
Louis Padilla, Architectural Studies and member of La Colectiva
Noami Hernandez, UIUC BSW Student, Mexican Student Association Vice President
Justine Heredia, NEIU student
Henry Cuzco, BS Mechanical Engineering Class of 2017
Cindy Martinez
Matt Foster, UIUC alum
Dexter Smith-Tech Services @UIUC
Tonya Nunn
Victor Cervantes, Civil Engineering Alumnus
Rebecca Schumann, PhD Student Department of Anthropology
Yolanda Rivera, Undergraduate
Yuliya Semibratova, Undergraduate LAS
Porshe R. Garner, Doctoral Candidate
Tal Kitron, 2006 alum
Jessica Vega, Student in Psychology & Sociology
Alex Dzurick, graduate stduent in EPOL, UIUC
Emma Ellenwood-Bird, Undergraduate Student
David Green, activist
Marilyn Mastny, retired teacher
Claire Branigan, PhD Student, Anthropology
Kevin O'Neill, Undergraduate student at the College of Business studying Marketing and IS/IT, member of Sigma Nu Fraternity and the Greek community as a whole
James R. Barrett, Prof. Emeritus History and AFrican American Studies
Carmen Ocon EPOL PhD, Alum 2013
Mia Eccher, Staff
Elizabeth Chun, Scripps College '19
Raquel Escobar, PhD Candidate, History
Kelly Navarro, Harvard College '19
Katie Walkiewicz - Alumni
Nancy Ramirez
Sarah Piña, Art + Design
Tereza Lee
Jessica Ocampo, UIUC student
Dominic Marlow, UIC Class of 2018
Sandra Franco, School of Information Sciences
Katherine Cheng, UIUC student
Dulce Frausto Alpha Psi Lambda
Sabrina Gunter, Scripps College 2018
Jason Barham, Former Employee and Permanent Resident of Champaign-Urbana
Stanley Ambrose, Department of Anthropology, UIUC
Alexandra Johnston, UIUC (LAS M.A. TESOL 1998)
Erin Thompson, Undergraduate Social Work Major
Andrew Cam-Koo
Sonia Cabrera , UIUC Student
Cris Hughes, Clinical Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Raja Perumal, Alumni
Alina Nuth UIUC Alum '11
Haley Ventura, Undergraduate Student
Liz Matsushita, PhD Candidate, History
John C. Wilcox, Professor Emeritus of Spanish
Lindsey Crudup, Sociology UIUC'18
Veronica Salas, Class of 2007
Jordan Kennedy
Mary Durstock, undergraduate
Rodrigo Anzures-Oyorzabal, UIUC '14
Aaron Rodriguez- Undergraduate Student
Kathleen Durkin, Graduate Student
Laura Fernandez, UIUC ALUMNA
Kristin Fox-Barlick UF alumni
Michelle Romo, UIUC Sophomore
Isabel Gonzalez-Smith, UIUC/UIC alumna and librarian
Natalie Berglind, UIUC Student / Class of 2017
Marcos Escobedo, student
courtney sherman
Alison Chan, Student @ UIUC
Sophia Escobar, student, UC Davis
Ruby Schneider, History and Education
Brittany McKnight, UIUC alum '08
Safia Motan
Veronica Paredes, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Media and Cinema Studies & National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Christopher Wei
Michael M. Wei, Uni High & UIUC Alumni
Zurisadai Rivera, Psychology & Chicana/o Studies Undergraduate
David Dahowsk, Alumnus
Lydia Catedral, Linguistics
Arrianna Planey, Graduate Student, Geography and GIS
Sarah Lurie
Vanessa Del Real
Liv Davila
Leticia Hernandez UIUC
Ryan Dubnicek, MS student, School of Information Sciences
Robert Boyce, Class of 2011
Kate Lyons, UIUC Graduate Student
Katie Aragon, Yale College '14
Desree McNair, undergrad: UIUC School of Social Work
Maanav Singh Ahluwalia, Undergraduate Student
Nicole Contreras, Graduate
Elizabeth Ford, Alumni Class of 2011
Juan Ramírez, Undergraduate Senior, History and Secondary Education
Maia Williams Perez, PhD student, Dept. of Musicology
Arsheen Aziz, UIUC Alumni
Alexandra M. Avila, PhD Student Oregon State
Juli Patel, Undergrad Biology Major
Montana Ford, UIUC Student
Anna Trammell, University Archives
Lucia Avila, student
Inna Shapovalov
Julie Rundell, UIUC
Julie Laut, PhD, UIUC History alum
Christina Verhelst, Grad Student
Emily Fernandez
Archit Gupta Undergrad
Paulina Burgoa, UIUC alumna
Katy Easley, C-U former resident
Beth Davis UIUC alumni
Constanza Morales, exchange student '09
Brittany Duff, Associate Professor, Advertising
Araceli Diaz- La Casa Cultural Latina
Frances Harris, University Library and University Laboratory High School, retired
Chamee Yang, PhD student, Institute of Communications Research
Amanda Shiu, student and future teacher
Anosh Akbar, MCB at UIUC
Susely Herrera; MSW Candidate
Cagla Giray, HDFS
Clarissa Sampaio Freitas. Alumni, class of 2003
Jordan White
Arnav Chevula, UIUC ECE
Marcela Jackson, Alum 2010
Patrick Drackley, PhD Student, Department of Linguistics
Erica Lehrer, Concordia U, UIUC-IPRH alum
Alondra Sanchez, UIUC student
Cristal Noriega, student
Patrick Hennelly, Mathematics UIUC
Zaynab Salehpour, MechSe Senior
Eli Fessler, Pomona College '17
David Woken, alum, 2000
Ayesha Riaz UofT Alumni
Alex Kupryjanczuk, UIUC student
Aisha R
Gerardo Veliz - UIUC SROP Undergrad Researcher (CEE)
Charlene Martin
Ryan Paroline UIUC Alumnus 2013 - Psychology
Daniela Aranda, student
Angela Cruz, Molecular and Cell Biology 19'
Marianela Chaumeil
Anna María Escobar, Spanish & Portuguese
Monica Lopez
Francisco Juarez, Undergraduate
Linda Barrientos BS UIUC; MS DePaul
John Heinze, UIUC 2012 Alumnus
JosseMia Webster, freshman in the college of Applied Health Science
Katrina Monreal, School of Art & Design
Kate McDowell, faculty member
Maritza Palafox, Undergraduate Student, LAS
Inda Montes
Susan Arkins-Bane
Ugonna Akuba, UIUC 18'
Stephanie Cui, Undergrad Student
Alexis Gatses, University Student
Jenny Tan: student, APAC, aKDPhi, TASC,
Bud Gankhuyag
Anca Mandru, PhD candidate, History
Emily M Ramos, Ithaca College Alumni, Urban Justice Center
Mariam Abutaleb, Special Education student
Christine Peralta PhD candidate HIstory, AAS, and GWS
Elizabeth Faermark, UIUC Alumni
Lorena r / youth activist LOUD
Alex Conti - UIUC PSA
Colleen Stribling UIUC Alumni -1984
Rebecah Pulsifer, UIUC grad student
Wendy Hou, UIUC Student
Patricia Zavos, Alum, Class of 2014
Laura Dees Alum
MSc Student at University of Oxford, Software Engineer at Instamotor
Kevin Wu, Graduate Student at University of Oxford, UIUC Computer Engineering
Suraiya Motsinger, UIUC Alumna
Tiffany Tzeng
Maria Navas, Undergraduate Student
Ervin Lopez
Justus Fortado UIUC Staff/SEIU Chapter 119 of Local 73
Allyson Silva
Hannah Park, UIUC BA '15
Keyla Hernandez
Esau Chavez Chicago Student Action
Maryka Baraka, Uni alum, UIUC family, and Champaign community member
Santiago Gutierrez, Computer Engineer
Winnie Yang, Alumni
Augusto Espiritu, History and Asian American Studies
Akshaya Ramanan, Philosophy
Andres Muñoz, UIUC Student
Krystn Rilloraza, M.Arch
Alan Y. Wong, Esq., UIUC alum
Anneliese Feld, PhD student, I-TOPP Fellow, Human Development and Family Studies
Kate Roark, 2007 Threatre History PhD
Linnea Meier, grad student
Rachel Lisitza, Student
Ryan Ross, B.A. '08, M.S. '10
Francena Turner, Ed.M., Ph.D. Student Education Policy, Organization, & Leadership
Benjamin Liu, Undergrad Student
Louis Rosenberg
Angelina Harke-Hosemann, Physics student
Kristyn Caragher, Alum
Saeed Durojaiye
Karen Hernandez, friend
Csammer Love Jularbal, Aerospace Engineering, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Philippine Student Association
Jared Miller, Festival Director, Fluid Events
Adrian Metcalf - student
Carolina Ortega, PhD candidate, History
Ravi K Rajput
David Tcheng, Research Programmer
Sue Avila, parent of UIUC student
C. Eliana Brown, Illinois Water Resources Center, ACES Extension
Sabine Puglia, UIUC Undergraduate Sophomore
Anne McCloskey, UIUC alumna
Laura Schultz, student, SESE
Nina Metsovaara, UIC alumni
Mayra Tapia, UIUC Alumna '02
Felipe Tendick-Matesanz, MS UIC Alumni
Sharon K Hood Ally
Julia Fiorino, UIUC Student
Luke Coombs Misiak, UIUC Undergraduate Freshmen
Denisse Gaitan, UIUC student
Anne Haas Dyson, Prof., UIUC
Amanda Abrams, UIUC student
Iris Hou, UIUC student
Alejandra Acosta- Concerned Community Member
Ydelise Valencia, UIUC Alum
Peggy Gates-Wieneke, retired academic professional
Alexandra Rabadan, UIUC undergraduate
Indyia Robinson Art and Design
Jennifer Jones, PhD candidate, School of Integrative Biology
Catherine Jimenez student
David R. Hamilton, Graduate Student
Hannah McCloud, UIUC undergraduate student
Jill Swanson, UIUC alumna
Joe Coyle, UIUC PhD student, Anthropology
Heather Munson, alum & community member
Miriam Delgado
Carley Stepanek
Neha Mehra - College of Media 2011
Gwendolyn DeBrower Class of 1995
Briana Landeros, UIUC Student
Ahmmad Khalil, 2019 Aerospace
Sandy Wong, PhD Candidate, UIUC
Alex Bazil, 2019
Zev Steinberg, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre
Kristy Zhen
Tanner Corum, Student
Laura Sweet Uni High Class of 199
Ryan McCarthy Uni High Class of 1999
Susan Gregson, Alum
Barbara Bair, alumna
Selah Sunderland, Student at UIUC
Marya Burke, MSW student and PhD in Education Policy
Natasha Thomas, undergraduate
Sara Rivier, Social Work
Jessica Campion, Graduate Student
Sheila Hufeld Alumna
Jennifer Hickey, Student
Rochelle Gutierrez, Professor (Curriculum and Instruction)
Alicia Cintora, B.S. Materials Science & Engineering 2014
Celina Trujillo, classes of '02, '04 and '09, community member
Camila Araneda-Agurto
Roshni Bano, Biophysics Graduate Student, UIUC
Tyler Riordan, student
Saheli S, UIUC student
Esther A.
Samantha Swanson, freshman UIUC student
P.M. Trotter, UIUC Graduate Candidate + SWH
Ryan Jaeger, UIUC Student
Miriam Centeno, University Library
Adan Meza, Friend of Attending undergraduate Student
Maria Valgoi, Alumnus
Moises Contreras / U of I Undergrad
April Ayers, community member
Amanda So, UIUC alumna
Armando García, University of Pittsburgh
Julie Porter, UIUC MSW Candidate, MS/LIS School of Information Science
Jonathan Eagles, UIUC '02
Devin Day, Master's of Urban Planning Candidate 2017, UIUC
Nimrah Tariq
Raymond Hernandez, UIUC Undergrad
Diana Lopez, UIUC undergrad
Sandra MIckeviciute UIUC Alumni
Lisa Kwon, alumna
Daniel Costa Stanford Undergrad
Julisa Galvan UIUC student
Amanda Hwu, BSW '15
Zoephia Laughlin, Student
Rachel Slick, graduate student, UIUC School of Social Work
Tennille Allen, Alumna, Class of 1996
Ashley Mitchell, UIUC student
Therese (Rogers) Edmiston, alum '07
Kelsey Ream, Graduate Student, Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Marianna Rivera, UIUC Speech- Language Pathology Graduate Student
Raquel Flores-Clemons, UIUC Alum (BALAS & MSLIS)
Natasha Hamilton College '18
Sihan W., UIUC Grad Student
Daniel W. Leon, Assistant Professor of Classics
Emily Woods, student
Felipe Menanteau. Research Scientist (NCSA), Associate Research Professor of Astronomy.
Guadalupe Rivas, UIUC alumna
Kelly Halcom, Alum and community member
APRIL R. City University of New York
Juan Cepeda - UIUC Student
Anita Say Chan, Media + Cinema Studies
Hao Gan, UIUC Alumni
Charles Mock
Ellen Wheeler, Uni High Class of 94
Mauna Punukollu, Materials Science & Engineering 2017
Jennifer S. Ponce de León, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Taskeen K, student
John Laskowski, citizen
Valeria Sosa Garnica '19 @Williams College
Monica Estrada, Sigma Psi Zeta
Liz Freivogel, Clinical Assistant Professor of Viola and Artist-in-Residence
Ian T. Sprandel, Anatomic Pathology Resident, College of Veterinary Medicine
Sanchita Agrawal, UIUC student
Michelle Byrne, Uni High alumna
Paul Ricker, Professor, UIUC Department of Astronomy
Courtney Krafczyk, PhD candidate, Physics
Sue Guironnet, community member
Andrea Fierro, Employee, Grad Student, and Donor
Marielena Bautista, Student
Andrea Delgado, UIUC Student
Ben Mcfeggan freshman UIUC student
Christine Moody, student
Emily Warren (nee Armitano), UIUC alumn
Karoliina Engstrom, PhD English 2014, UIUC
Gabriela Madunic Carrasco, alumni FSHN - MS 2007
Angela Wu, UIUC Student
Joanna Byrne, UIUC Student
Kevin Aquino: student at Proviso Math and Science Academy
Yesenia Mejia, Dartmouth '18 student
Robert W. McChesney, Professor
Madoka Callicutt, Alum
Melissa Bowles, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
William Rose, Ph.D. Candidate, Physics
Nia Sanders, Student
Sara N. Garcia, UIUC Student
Laura Casaregola, Scripps College '17
Kenneth Chan, UIUC Alumni
Matt Mitchell, University Laboratory High School
Don McClure Jr.
Maya Buenrostro
Joie Huneryager, Student
Christian A. Millan-Hernandez
Jason Yeh, Taiwanese American Students Club
Veronica Connolly- UIUC Student
Harambe, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
Cheryl Morganson, UIUC DMA candidate (Music)
Katie Bean Viterbo University
Anthony Padilla
Elisa Cruz
Liliana Rubio
Mary Livoni
Regina Day Langout, UIUC alum, PhD, 2001
Ellen Peck, PhD Theatre 2009
Sarah Greenhagen, Heartland Community College
Matthew Rice, '19
Alexandra De La Cruz, student
Angela Maria Hope, WWU Student
Caroline Kim Robinson, Uni High Class of 19990
Ashley Ochoa, UIUC student
Oscar Cahue, UIUC student
Jazel Ott, UIUC student
Kimberly Olsen
Damon Ngo - UIUC VSA
Milan Dasgupta, Alumni
Max Eisenburger, PhD Student, Urban and Regional Planning
Karen Chen, UIUC student
Jaeseok Jeong, UIUC student
Scott Behenna
Eduardo Moreno, UIUC freshman student
Robert Hwang- apac
Crystal Boyas
Adrianne Pearl Gimenez, UIUC Student
Heather Hickman, PA-C, LAS 2000
Amee Chew, Uni High alum
Angela Wiley, Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
Valleri Robinson, Dept. of Theatre
Xiao Lin Mei, UIUC student
Teresa De Santiago
Khalid Reed
Devin Smart, PhD Candidate, History
Robert Rouphail, History
Kathleen Robbins Executive Director McKinley Foundation
Takamitsu Ono, UIUC Alumnus
Silvia Soto, Postdoctoral Fellow, American Indian Studies
Vicki Magley, UIUC Alumni, Psychology
Nora Hyland, Alum
Bertha Reyther UIC
Melissa A Eaton, alumna
Heidi Dodson, PhD, UIUC alumna
Urmitapa Dutta, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Ami Choi, Uni High Class of 1999
Sean Mullahy, Student
Lindsey Mckee
Rachel J. Whitaker, Associate Professor of Microbiology
Florencia Henshaw, Director of Advanced Spanish, Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Billy Vermillion, Alumnus, Visiting Instructor 2008-2010, Academic Advisor
Anne Bargar
Chris Daley, FAA 2008
Sandy Pijanowski, retired staff
Hannah Hwang, UIUC Alumna
Sarah Buchhorn, UIUC Graduate Student
Karen Olowu, UIUC Student
Aki Akhauri - UIUC Student
Soo Ah Kwon, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies and Human Development and Family Studies
Andrew Weaver, Assistant Professor, Labor and Employment Relations
Lawrence Gross, Student
Amber Polk, JD '16, PhD Student Philosophy
Lia Godinez, UIUC Student
Andrea Thomer, School of Information Sciences, UIUC
Humza Ashraf, Biochemistry Undergraduate
Nick Rudd
Engl Sec Ed '03, CU community activist
Imran Rashid, BS. Comp Sci & Chem, '04
Jaylene Botero, Student
Susan Bekiares, alumna
Lesley (Allen) Sieger-Walls
Tirthna Badhiwala, UNC-Chapel Hill
Stefan Kosovych, Department of History
William White, alumnus
Mayra S. Lagunas, Assistant Director-Undegraduate Admissions
Roxana Saucedo, Purdue University
Mindy Shore- UIUC Alum
Valeria Lopez-Early Childhood Education
Laura Koritz, UIUC alum and UHS teacher
Cruz Tafolla
Megan Marz, UIUC almuna
Simone Sisneros-Thiry, Ph.D student Mathematics
Ane Icardo, Spanish & Portuguese
Isabelle Straub
Cassandra Osei, Phd Student - Department of History
Naina Gupta, UIUC undergraduate student
Michael H. LeRoy, Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations and College of Law, UIUC
Caroline Rodriguez, PhD
Shannon Epplett, Ph.D. Candidate, Theatre History
Gabriela Seufferheld, BA Sociology class of '13
Erica Manzo, Alumni
Elizabeth E. Tavares, Alumna 2016
Anna Fischer, UIUC student
Michael Twidale, Professor, School of Information Sciences
Teresa Cardador, School of Labor and Employment Relations
Heidy Garcia, UIUC student
Jean Lee, Department of English, Graduate Student
Jonlyn Miller, UIUC Student
Megan Senseney, School of Information Sciences
Sharlene Denos, PhD, University Laboratory High School
Kate Williams, UIUC School of Information Sciences
Siri Engstrom, alumna (M.A.), instructor of Spanish, Blackburn College, Lewis & Clark Community College
Terry Weech, UIUC Faculty
Dr. Amy Stoch, AMDA
Penny Ames, School of Information Sciences
Lydia Khuri
Franklin Kramer, UIUC IT staff
Robin Morgan, alumna
Kailah McGee, BSFR UIUC 2017
Lauren Castaneda, UIUC freshman
Clara Chu, Mortenson Center for International Library Programs
Tuyen Bui, Grad Student
Damian Duffy, Lecturer, School of Information Sciences
Derrek Yager, UIUC
Carlos Bocanegra - Champaign resident
Shubhanshu Mishra, School of Information Sciences
Evelyn Andrade, Third Year Industrial Design Student in School of Design
Annie Abbott, Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese
Keren Garcia, Graduate Student, Spanish Linguistics
Erin Madarieta, Uni High class of 2008 and UIUC class of 2012
Rebecca Romo, Santa Monica College
Jocelyn Lai, Graduate Student, Materials Science and Engineering, TASC
Elizabeth Tatum, Grad Student, UIUC Math
Georgia M. Green, Prof. Emerita, UIUC
Stephanie Cohn
Dr. Thomas Lawrence Long, UConn (UIUC MA English '77)
Bianca Arellano, Student ASU
Austin R. Justice, History & Classics '20
Charles Schultz, community member
T. Apoorv, Dept. of physics, Phd student
Margarita Castrejon
Ethan Chew, UIUC Alumni
Rachel Magee, School of Information Sciences
Andrea Rodriguez, Rutgers University-Newark
Vivian Zhang
Dill Wilson, grad student
Morgan Reeder, MSEE '08
Justine Fein-Bursoni, Alumna + KAM Teaching Artist
Joseph Omo-Osagie Parkland College
Emily Rodriguez, UIUC, PhD student
Alison Schmulbach, UIUC Alum
Chengyu Fang, Graduate Student, Department of Communication
Charity Curtiss BSW Student
Jason Peck, UIUC PhD candidate
Grace Paulson, UIUC College of Education
Emily Bigott, UIUC student
Mary Grace Hebert, Grad Student, Department of Communication
Jerry L Morgan, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
Hyun Seon Park, Korean American Student Association
Lindsay Duffy, Elementary Education Class of 2017
Kendall Pietrzak
Joan (Delsoin) Ryder '05, alumna LAS- Chemistry
Ann Peterson-Kemp, School of Information Sciences
Pamela Pena Martin Postdoctoral Researcher, Engineering, UIUC
Abby Brown- Undergrad Elementary Education
Rebecca Ozaki, UIUC Alum
Amanda Petersen, Alumni
Karla Lucht, School of Information Sciences
Litan Rath
Alexandra Newton, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Rebecca Knaur
Jory Novicki, friend Rebecca Ozaki
Luis F. Aviles, UIUC Alumni
Kimberly Fonzo, UIUC PhD English 2013
Brian Campbell - PhD Student, HIstory
Jeselle Obina, Alumnus
Nathan Goldbaum, Postdoctoral Researcher, NCSA
Fabiola Villalpando
Nicole Pijon
Jodi Schneider, alum & faculty, School of Information Sciences
Kathlyn Oco, Alumni
Carly Newman, UIUC Class of 2018
William Kang, Northwestern
Elena V. Levenson, UIUC alumna
Matthew Turk, Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences, Assistant Professor of Astronomy
Mamie Branham, MSW candidate
Yumika Takeshita, UChicago student
Anne Sautman, Krannert Art Museum
Jessica Guzman
Lesley Wexler, Professor Law School
Eunice Weech, Alum
Alejandra C. Cornejo, UIUC alumni 1994
Raquel Aikman Ritz, community member
Emma Healy, UIUC alumnus '15
Erin Gillis - UIUC alum and current CU resident
Lauren Galang, UIUC Alumna
Malayka Barbara Cornejo, Alumna Class of 2007
Lindsey Lusk, law student
Darin Johnson, JHU undergrad
Emily Volk-Staff
Dallas R. Trinkle, Assoc. Prof. Materials Science and Engineering
Melissa Frydman, Clinical Professor, Law
Lena Singer, '04
Amy Riye Chow, NIU
Fides Araneta, Class of 2013
Sarah O'Keefe, student
Tyler Harr, BFA Senior UIUC
Michelle St John, grad student
Dr. Jodi Fan, Alum
Jenny Ravanh, teacher and community member
Heather McLeer, PhD Candidate, English
Robyn Bianconi, CITL, University of Illinois
Claire Hampton, MSW Candidate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Social Work
Brigida Bustamante, Mother of 3 Graduate Students of UIUC
Ramona Gupta, BA Political Science, BA Sociology '98
Tina Colombo, Alumna, 1980
Katie Madigan, community member
Christina Davis, Curator of Poetry, Harvard University
Jo Hannah Sage, student
Dan Shalmon, UIUC
Dickin Vice UIUC 2017
Landon D. Reid, UIUC Alum, Ph.D. '01
Rebecca Benzel, UIUC alum
Eunmi Mun, Assistant Professor of Sociology and LER
David Siap, LBNL (UIUC MAE/Math '08)
Kathleen Pausch, graduate student
Chase Ollis, UIUC SIS graduate student
Koji Ito (PhD Student, History )
Meghan Miller, visiting instructor
Kelsey Greene BSW 2017
Melissa Mallon, UIUC alum
Gayle Magee, School of Music
Selina Ruzi, UIUC, Graduate Student, PEEC
Julia Hawthorne, MBA '16
Alice Lai, PhD student (computer science)
Avital Livny, Department of Political Science
David McWilliams, UIUC Alum
Katherine Flugge UIUC Alumna
Mary Fijalkovich, Instructor, Dept. of Communication
J.B. Capino, Associate Professor, Department of English
Bryan Fijalkovich, HR Specialist, NCSA
Laetitia Donaghy
Susan Faivre, UIUC ESL Writing Director
Joanne Lim, Saint Louis University
Omid Abdar, Grad Student, Linguistics
Michael C. Saul, Ph.D. Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology Fellow
Arden Rowell
C-U Immigration Form
Jodee Stanley, Director, Creative Writing Program, Dept. of English
Elizabeth Carroll, Alumnus '11 and '15; Lecturer, Department of Linguistics
Peter Biondi, 2019 CoB
Carol Inskeep UIUC Alum
Katie Fizdale, Concerned Community Member
Melanie Challberg, UIUC Bachelor of Social Work '15
Krystie Ritchey, Graduate Student, MATESL, UIUC
Jolee Phelps, community member
Jacqlyn Merchant, UIUC alumna
Guido A. Sánchez-Portuguez, DM, Parkland College
Angela Overholt, UIUC Alumni
Clare Rogers, 2015 UIUC Alum
Sahrish Moyeed, Law Student
Erin Mellen Law 2004
Kathryn Speck
Guadalupe Herrera, UIUC Student
Daniel Z. Korman, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
Hayes Holderness, College of Law
Donald Sheppard, PhD Candidate, Biochemistry
Margo Mitts, private citizen
Alenka Figa, LEEP student
Francisco Laguna-Correa, Assistant Professor
Juan Fierro
Eileen Ford, alumna, Associate Prof of History Cal State University, Los Angeles
Katharine Schleich, ISGS
Betsy Hearne, Professor Emerita, UIUC iSchool
Kimberly Oco, UIUC Alumni
Gary Ambler, retired staff
Sharon Pietryka, Graduate Student, School of Information Sciences
Tricia Warfield, Dept of History
Imani Brooks class of 2014
Adam Edwards, PhD candidate
Cristina Flores
Vanessa Rivera-Quinones, Mathematics
Jessica Howard The Career Center
Michael Gutierrez, MA, LPC, CADC and UIUC Alum
Rob Durkee, former Champaign resident/human rights advocate
Megan Wills, UIUC MSW Alum
Ilyse fein alum and Urbana resident
Lisa Sechler
`Weng Chew, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Yesenia Gramajo, CEE 2013
Charles Tabb, Mildred Van Voorhis Jones Chair in Law, University of Illinois College of Law
Fanny Liao, UIUC Student
Jillian Evans, PhD student, department of political science
Kerrith Livengood, School of Music
Vasil Pandavinji student
leonel rodriguez, Student
John M. Democratic Socialists of America
Emily R. Zavala, UIUC Engineering '13
Ricardo Diaz, U of I Extension
Caitlin Marz, UIUC alumna
Deniz Namik, UIUC LAS student
Sarah Leffingwell, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science
Sierra Clark UIUC Student
Leeza Perez, East Asian Languages and Cultures & Linguistics Undergraduate
Natalie Ceperley. Uni High Alumn, 1999; scientist, University of Lausanne
Aleah Hersey U of I Undergrad
Kathryn Lauder, Animal Sciences student, UIUC 2019
Monica Huang
Corman Research Professor
Hugh Jass - band camp
Colleen Murphy, Law & Philosophy UIUC
Rachel Fundator, BA 2011, MSLIS 2015
Veronica A. Mendez, PHD Candidate, Department of History
Amy Wolff, UIUC Alum (2007, 2011)
Kathryn Johanson (Alumni 2015)
Melissa Newell, Assoc. Dir. Undergrad Studies, Economics
Scott McMillan, UIUC Alumnus
Lynford Goddard, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jason Ahlenius, MA in Spanish Lit. '16
Amy Gorman, UIUC Alum
Sarah Degner Riveros, PhD, UIUC Alumna
Indigo Rivera, UIUC
Jared Prince, worship pastor at First Christian Church
Jaclyn Saltzman, PhD student
Virginia David, UIUC alumni
Andrea Miller, Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychology
Terri Reifsteck, Alumni
Maria Bonn, School of Information Sciences
Kari Zobler, Department of Anthropology
Mark Enslin, DMA Music '95
Armando Huezo, UIUC Alum
Tony Allegretti, Urbana resident
Myrna Morales - SIS
Andrea Semiche, Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Bettina Francis, Associate Professor, Entomology
Rebecca Linares, Doctoral Candidate, Curriculum & Instruction
Phyllis Liu
Cara Finnegan, Professor, Dept of Communication
Kelsey Hassevoort, graduate student, Neuroscience Program
Lisa Chason, PhD student, College of Education
Emina Sipic, Biology
John Paul Meyers, Faculty, African American Studies
Virginia McCreary, Alumna + Informatics
Bonnie Washick, Postdoc, UIUC Depts. of Political Science and Gender & Women's Studies
Sarah Albert, UIUC Alumna and Teaching Associate, Animal Sciences
John Murphy, Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication
Julie Cidell, Dept. of Geography & GIS
Raegan Carter, UIUC Staff
Sarah Little, Department of Spanish and Portuguese alumna
Joe Minarik, OIIR Program on Intergroup Relations
Teresa Greppi, MA '14, PhD Student Dept of Spanish and Portuguese
Andrew Parrish, Eastern Illinois University
Krista Gaedtke, College of Law
Molly M. McLay, MSW alum '11 and Assistant Director of the Women's Resources Center
Erin Benson, Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology
Mahir Saul, Professor Department of Anthropology
Julie Bumpus, UIUC Library staff
Kelsey Cheshire, University Library
Kenworthey Bilz, Professor of Law
Katherine Ansell, Ph.D. Candidate, Physics
Hannah Werner, History
Moises Orozco Villicana, School of Information Sciences
Amira Al-Mutairi
Joycelyn Landrum-Brown, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gabriel Velarde (UC Berkeley)
Linda Smith Tabb, Alumna UIUC (M.A., M.Ed.)
Camille Goudeseune, D.M.A., Beckman Institute
Christa Weiss Mother and Wiley Elementary PTA President
Laura Brenneman, Diversity & Social Justice facilitator
Catherine Calcagno, University of Illinois Library staff/UIUC Alum
Ruth jackson townie and community member
Karen Ruhleder
Mike Powers, Parkland College
Sarah Calcagno - UIUC Employee/Alum '13
Angie Gruendl, Civil Service, Mathematics Library
Bahar Watkins, community member
Sarah Gilmer, College of Media Alum
Michael Stone, Professor of Physics
Dallas Eckman
Cassie Liu - ACES [FSHN], Class of 2018
Gabriel Murcia
David Prorok, CS '17
Jessica Stewart, UIUC Class of 2014
Jonathan E. MacDonald, Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics/Department Spanish & Portuguese
Erin Grogan, Department of English, PhD student
Ulysses Diaz Counselor at Waubonsee Community College
Allison Rowe, PhD student, Art Education
Tyrone Phillips, Class of 2012
Ofelia C. Gonzalez, Technical Systems and Management
Christine Schmucker
Kyle M. Bennett, MSW, Ph.D. Candidate
Maureen Warren, Krannert Art Museum
Kelly Shimoda
Betsy Jane Basch, Clinical Counselor, DRES
Samantha Bolet - UIUC Student
Kiara Schuh, Undergrad College of Business
Carina Olaru, UIUC Alumna
Rachel Graddy, UIUC Disability Resources and Educational Services
Rachel Lauren Storm, Assistant Director, Women's Resources Center
Marissa Halterman, Alumni
Nicholas Adler, MatSE
Alexandra Krogman, Illinois Alum and Librarian
America Campos - Alumna
Peter Madzelan UNL alum
Darla Villani / general public
Heather Freund, PhD candidate, History
Nick Wisseman, alum
Nashla Vega Zamora, University of Illinois Graduate, Billingual Teacher (k-5)
Pronoy Rai, Department of Geography and GIS
Jaime Spears, UIUC Alumni
Christine Huh, graduate student
Susan Li
Peter Odell Campbell, Ph.D. Speech Communication 2013
Carol Nelson, Retired Staff, College of Business
John Chavez '17, Davidson College Student
Kevin Thompson
Dan Leonard, UIUC Undergraduate Student
Jeeyoung Ahn Ha, EALC
Eric Sirota, Clinical Associate, College of Law
Heather Sheahan, GWS student
Alexssandra Villafane
Celinda Davis, community member
Megan Guerra, Masters of Social Work Student
Lee Ragsdale, UIUC Alumna
Diana N Johnson retired Museum Educator
Steven Rose, UIUC MA History
Gabriel Nardie, community member
Kathryn Glynn, UIC alumni
Christopher Ackerman-Avila, Latino immigrant, Urban Planning
Jessie Baugher, UIUC Alum
Anissa Rodriguez uiuc undergrad
Brittany Kannair
Kathy Maniates, ESL Instructor, Urbana Adult Education Center
Viveka Kudaligama, CS Graduate Programs Coordinator
Elle Chen, Scripps College
Andrea Figueroa, student
Lisa C. Merrifield, Masters in Urban Planning and current Academic Professional
Laura Sligar, University Laboratory High School graduate
Robert Naiman, MS Econ, MS, BS Math
Jorge Santos, Assistant Professor, College of the Holy Cross
S. Hansen, retired community member
Brittany Frieson, PhD student, Curriculum & Instruction
Janet Barrett, School of Music
Bryan Jonker, Web Developer, College of Education
William James Strutz, Alumnus & retiree
Alejandro Llado
Joshua Hartke, BS LAS, Champaign County Board member
Alexandra Vazquez Ungraduate student in College of Education
Leslie Rutkowski, UIUC Alumna, University of Oslo
Amy Heggemeyer, Spurlock Museum
Susan Koshy, Assoc. Prof. UIUC
Robert Tierney, Associate Professor EALC
Marianna community member
Olga Lyandres, Alumna
Laura Haber, Staff and alumna
Jennifer Roth, staff, Animal Sciences
Steven Ashby, Full Cinical Professor, Labor and Employment Reations
Ellen Rice, Graduate Student, Musicology
Jamil Jorge, Graduate Student, Musicology
Casilde Isabelli, UIUC alumni, class 2000
Dave Beck, alumnus
Erik Chapman, Library Specialist
Serena S. Witzke, Visiting Lecturer in Classics
Kate Kreindler, Lecturer, Classics
Clara Bosak-Schroeder, Assistant Professor, Department of the Classics
Tara Hatfield School of Music
Joseph Grohens, Faculty, Dept of English
Andrew Ó Baoill, PhD, Institute of Communications Research '09
Brian Walters, Assistant Professor, Department of the Classics
Sarah Quesada, Postdoc in Dept. of Latina/Latino Studies
James Yoon, Professor and Head, Dept of Linguistics
Angeliki Tzanetou, Associate Professor, Classics
Maribel Belen, UIUC Student
Donna Tonini, Center for Global Studies
Lyn F. Petrie, UIUC
Jill Gengler '93, '99, staff School of Information Sciences
Marie Khan, UIC Graduate College Fellowship Coordinator; UIC alum
Craig Williams, Professor, Dept of Classics
Rebecca Lara, MD, EdM, UIUC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alum, 2004
Jean-Philippe Mathy, French and Italian
Sandy Lopez, community member
Isaac Ngo, UIUC Undergraduate Student
Amy Houser, UIUC undergraduate student
Kaleb Sather, UIUC Undergrad
Laura Vivaldo Cholula, Northern Illinois University Student
Karen L. Fresco, Assoc. Prof. of French, French & Italian
Steven Wilson, Visiting Lecturer, School of Music
Antony Augoustakis, Professor of Classics
Emmanuel Tello
Lisa J. Lucero, Professor, Anthropology Dept.
Deborah Cronin, PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology
Cristian Cabalin, PhD alumni
Leonardo Covis, UIUC Employee
Jessica Hatrick
Kate Ditewig-Morris, Dept of Communication
Michelle Victora, PhD Student, Department of Physics
Faviana Schectman - Ally
Laurie Johnson, Associate Professor, Germanic Languages and Literatures
CL Cole, Head and Professor, Media and Cinema Studies
Michael Staudenmaier, PhD (History, 2016)
Rebecca Skirvin, PhD 2007, MSLIS 2011
Annaliese Jacobs, alumna (PhD, History, 2015)
Anne Lukeman
Carl Niekerk, Professor, Germanic Languages and Literatures, Comparative and World Literature, French and Italian, Jewish Culture and Society
Hope Sartorio
Karen Roybal, Chancellor's Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Latina/o Studies 11'-12'
Ryan J Stock, PhD student, Geography and GIS
Judith Pintar, Slavic Languages & Literatures, Illinois Informatics Institute
Shelley Weinberg, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Danielle Kinsey, PhD 2010
Jesse Ribot, Department of Geography, UIUC
Rebecca Shakespeare, PhD Student, Geography & GIS
Jaylin D. McClinton, alumnus
Linda Prom, Community Member
Antoinette Burton, Professor of History
Chris Prom, Professor, University Library
Allyson Purpura, Krannert Art Museum
Michael Hughes, UIUC PhD History, 2016
Amy Powell, Krannert Art Museum
Faranak Miraftab set of urban and regional planning
Ben Joselyn - Champaign Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice
Alejandro Lleras, Psychology
Rea Zaimi, PhD Student, Geography
Chitra Iyer, Collage of LAS MCB/Psych, 2017
Matthew S. Winters, Department of Political Science
Rodney Hopson, COE CREA affiliate faculty
Elizabeth Pleck, Professor Emerita, History
Jared Bronski Department of Mathematics
Carey Smith, Urbana citizen
Sean Ettinger, PhD student, History
Kevin Frederick - graduate student (College of Education)
Andrew Latham, ECE alumnus
Audrey Neville, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science
Olga Kopczynska, Alumna
Susan L. Williams, Ph.D.
Deborah Jadhav--Urbana resident
Malaika McKee, African American Studies
Priscilla Christians, alumna (GSLIS, 1991)
Brian Jordan Jefferson, Assistant Professor, Geography and GIScience
Tim Bossenbroek, member UIUC Religious Workers Association
Nicole Allen, Professsor, Psychology
Helga Varden (Philosophy/Women & Gender Studies)
Guillermo Dankert, grad student
Cheryl Berger, Department of Psychology
Summer Curry, UIUC
June Clark Eubanks, Psychology Dept. Grad Contact
Alumna, Global Studies 2014
Chibundo Egwuatu, Anthropology Grad Student
David Bates, alumni (2012)
Ashley Ramm, Dept of Psychology
Anthony Pomonis, College of LAS
Judith Estrada, PhD (Alum, Educational Policy Studies)
Kim Curtis, Artist, Adjunct Lecturer
Chris Cosat, Advisor and Instructor--Community Health
Jessica Allen, UIUC alumni
David Rios, student at College of Fine and Applied Arts
Samuel LeRoy, University of Illinois College of Business Class of 2018 & UIUC Senate Executive Committee Member
Deanna Williams, UIUC Alumna, Associate Professor, Humanities Dept., Parkland College
Susan G. Davis, Professor Emerita
Lynne Scafe alumni
Rebecca Molloy
Rebeca Martinez, History Undergrad
Jenna Zieman, UIUC Employee
Daniel Simons, Professor of Psychology
Nancy Westcott, UIUC Alumna
Harley Johnson, Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering
Sarah Taylor Lovell, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Crop Sciences
Theo Malekin, Germanic Languages and Literatures
Garrick Montesinos, Alumnus
Emilia Schroer, alumna
Ken Salo Urban and Regional Planning
Zohreh T. Sullivan, Professor Emerita
Stacy Wykle, PhD student, School of Information Sciences
Mara Bandy Fass, Alumna
Cori R Cunningham, no U of I affiliation
Christopher Simeone, PhD, English 2011
Merle L. Bowen, Assoc. Professor, African American Studies
Angela Williams, Associate Director of the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Sandra L Osorio, UIUC COE Alum
Monet Colomb, Alumni
Namsoo Hyong HMD Academy of Taekwondo
Daynali Flores Rodriguez UIUC alumna Assistant Professor Illinois Wesleyan U
Daniel McDonough, Dept of Music
Matt Rosenstein, Director, Global Education and Training
Lauren Goodlad, English and Criticism
Robert McKim, Professor of Religion
Brian Ruppert, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultures, Religion
Eddy Boche, Economics & LLS 2018
Nora Onstad, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Isabel T. Gutierrez, Ph.D., Alum
Roberta Hendrick, alumna
Adriana Cortez, alumn
Brenda Hernandez, Ph.D alumn
Elise Lanker, Alumna of UIUC Liberal Arts and Sciences and School of Social Work
Melanis Sivley, School of Social Work Alumni
O. David Sherwood, Professor Emeritus, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Daissy Diaz, UIUC Alumna
Lawrence Sheridan, Aerospace Engineering undergrad
Victoria Bobell, alumnus
Angela Isaacs alumni
Leslie J. Reagan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Professor of History, Law, Medicine, GWS
Jennifer Manongdo, UIUC Alumna
Rebecca Stumpf, UIUC
Karen G. Hernandez
Scott Baseler Illini Union Bookstore Asst Textbook Mgr.
Andrew Cheline, Chemistry Undergrad
Nir Ben-Moshe, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, UIUC
Frederick E Hoxie, emeritus, Department of History
Michael Huff
Laura Atkins, UIUC Sociology
Michelle Jarzebowski, alumni
Yulibeth lopez
Nahivy Arzate ucsc undergrad
Carmen Ugarte, Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Andrew Gewirth, Professor of Chemistry
Carol Spindel English
Young Kim, UIUC Alum, DMA, Jazz Performance
Maria C Kenny UIC PharmD, UIUC MasterGardener
Betsy Breyer, PhD student, Department of Geography
Bruce Hannon, Professor Emeritus
Patrick East, Slim and community member
Winton Solberg, Professor Emeritus of History
Stacy Gloss, UIUC Academic Professional
Julian Jarzebowski alumni ECE
Daniel Schneider, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
Jake Bowers, Associate Professor, Political Science
Bruno Nettl, Professor Emeritus of Music and Anthropology
John Buckmaster, Professor Emeritus, Aeropace Engineering
Claire Deal
Brian Deal, Alum, Assoc. Professor Landscape Architecture, UIUC
Violet J. Harris , Professor Emerita
Paola Piantoni, UIUC Animal Science Alumna
Josh Schwenk, UIUC Alum
Echo Leaver, Alumni
William Sullivan, Professor, Landscape Architecture, UIUC
Belden Fields Emeritus Political Science
Allen Williams Collaborating Local Farmer
Annette H. Buckmaster, UIUC Ph. D. Alum, Dept. of AHCE t.
Marcela Raffaelli, Professor, Dept. of Human Development and Family Studies
Rachel Zucker UIUC Alum
Bruce Reznick, Professor of Mathematics
Peter Floess, UIUC Alum
Katia Curbelo-DelValle, Ph.D./ ICR Alumn
Kathleen Booth, UIUC Staff & Alumna
Walter Feinberg Emeritus Education
Nathan Raybeck, UIUC Alumnus
Manuel Pérez, Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center
David Mikolaitis, 1981 TAM Phd
Mary Kay Carter, friend
Andrew McMillan, PhD Student, Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning
Kevin D. Phillips, Alum '76, live & work in Champaign
Jack Paxton professor emeritus
Catherine Vincent, College of Nursing
Sandra Ahten, Alumnus CFAA
Mariolga Reyes Cruz, PhD, UIUC Alumni
Kyra Shiro - Master's candidate at School of Labor and Employment Relations; Psychology alum ('14); Office of Undergraduate Admissions Employee
Colleen Vojak, UIUC Assistant Director of External Fellowships
Andrew Gaedtke, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Melissa Schoeplein, College of LAS
Chris Higgins, Assoc. Prof., Ed Policy, Org. & Leadership
Erin Tarr, UIUC Alum & Current Staff
Tiy Goddard, Center for Training and Professional Development
Juan Alvarez, ECE
Evelyn Reynolds, Parkland College
Siobhan Somerville, Associate Professor, English / Gender and Women's Studies
Emanuel Rota, FRIT
Jenny Barrett
Krystal Smalls, UIUC Postdoc
Ayla Stein, University Library
Thomas Bassett, Professor of Geography & GIS
Raúl A. Mora (M.A., Education, 2004; Ph.D., Education, 2010)
Lisa Larsen, alum 2004
Lawrence D. Smith, UIUC alumnus; Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Courtney Reents, UIUC Department of Geography Alumna
Anita Saalfeld, 2009 Ph.D
Lisa James, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies
Matias Carrasco Kind, Alumni, Research Scientist NCSA
Kelsey Keyes, Assistant Professor, Boise State University & UIUC Alum
Claudia Rubio
Sue Saetia - San Diego Mesa College
Patricia Floess, community member
Tanya Cabrera, Illinois Dream Fund
Devin Oliver - UIUC undergrad
Brenda N. Sanya
Jacqueline Guzman UIC Graduate Student
Henry Guan - UIUC Alum
Colleen Conley, Ph.D. in Psychology, 2004
Rebecca Silton, Alumn
Robert A Rushing, Comparative and World Literature
Andrea Brandon, M.D. (COM alum, 2010)
Erica Bohn
Sydney Gutierrez, English Undergraduate In-progress
Hadi Salehi Esfahani, UIUC Professor
Dawn Durante, Acquisitions Editor, University of Illinois Press
D. Fairchild Ruggles, Department of Landscape Architecture
Michael Pritz, Graduate Student, iSchool
R. Scott Tindale
Naomi Taub, PhD Student, English
Emily Knox, Assistant professor
Anne Owens, Alumna, 2010 English Literature MA
Yu-Kyung Kang Gonzaga university
Fiona Hartley-Kroeger, UIUC graduate student, English
Kristin Osakada, UIUC Student
Brian H Chien, Mechanical Science and Engineering, TASC
Carol Lin, UIUC student
TJ Magee
Anne Marie Baumann, University Alum 2014
Jessica Ratchford, former student
Alicia Edwards-Jackson, UIUC Student
Bernadette Feeney-Easley ESL instructor at Saint Mary Church
Pilar Martinez-Quiroga, Spanish Lecturer
Cynthia Buckley, REEEC
Sarah Carlisle, Student
Nadia & student
Mark C. McCarthy, Graduate Student, School of Information Sciences
Jesus, Celis UIUC Alum
Adrian Valdez, UIUC undergrad student
Brian H Chien, Mechanical Science and Engineering, TASC
Carol Lin, UIUC student
TJ Magee
Reed W. Larson, Dept of Human Development and Family Studies
Ben Barnes, MS&BS 2009
Daniel P. Molloy - Illinois Natural History Survey Affiliate
Louis S. Bergonzi, Professor, Music Education and Orchestral Conducting
Jayadev Athreya, Adjunct Associate Professor of Mathematics
Gabriel Solis, Professor of Music
Kenneth M. Cuno, Professor, UIUC
Susan E. Searing, Professor Emerita, University Library
Jane Desmond, Professor of Anthropology and GWS
Professor, Department of Dance, UIUC
Bruce Levine, JG Randall Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History
Marilyn O'Hara Ruiz Dept of Pathobiology
Valeria Sobol, Associate Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Ikuko Asaka, Department of History
Al Kagan, Professor Emeritus, Univeristy Library
Rolando J Romero, Department of Latina/Latino Studies
Anita Greenfield, PhD student
Kristin Romberg, Art History
Trish Loughran, Associate Professor, English
Tamara Chaplin, Associate Professor, History
Alain D. Fresco Assistant Professor of French,Dept. Of FRIT
William Moersch, Professor, School of Music
Caroline Szylowicz, Library, UIUC
Ann Reisner, Associate Professor, Department of Media and CInema Studies
Megan, UIUC MSW program graduate
Lisa Rosenthal, Associate Professor, Art History Program, School of Art + Design
Grace Giorgio, Communication
Larry Miller, Professor Emeritus, University Library
Julia F. Saville, Associate Professor, English
Valerie Hoffman, Professor and Head, Department of Religion
Vesna Stojanoska, Mathematics
Matthew Kremske, Alum 2015
Ben Thompson, BS 2014
Isabella Lilley, undergraduate student
Tyler Denmead, Assistant Professor, School of Art and Design
Efad Huq, Dept. of Urban Planning
Solidarity Committee, Graduate Employees' Organization at UIUC
Ivan Raya UIC Student
Paul Duncum, Professor, Art and Design
Adrienne Osborn Winner, Uni High Class of 1982
Ada Campos
Pranjal Vachaspati, PhD Candidate, Computer Science
Karen J. Canales Salas, University of Illinois at Chicago
Eider Etxebarria Zuluaga, Spanish & Portuguese, PhD
Joyce Meyer, Academic Hourly
Anne Elizabeth Saunders, UIUC VetMed
Ulises Guerrero, Alumni
Mariana Gonzalez Boluda, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Silvia Manning Martin, Student
Aja D Beckham, Being Black at Illinios
Stephanie Erin Feldman, Alumni
Nilda Barraza, University of Illinois Alum, MA 2010
Kwame Edwin Otu, Asst. Professor, African American and African Studies, University of Virginia
Alpha Psi Lambda-National, Inc. - United Greek Council (signing as organization)
Timothy McCarthy, Professor of Philosophy
Noreen Sugrue Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program; Global Studies, LAS; Center for African Studies
Bonnie Ward--community member
Christina Rivera, Chicagoan, UIUC Alum
Todd Rusk, UIUC staff and alum
Valeria Loo-Kung, Urban planning Student
Nidia Gaona, UofI Alumni
Ned O'Gorman, Associate Professor of Communication
Anke Pinkert, Associate Professor, German, Cinema&Media Studies
Wendy Mathewson, Academic Advisor
Julia Cater, Graduate Student
Chantal Nadeau, Professor and Department Head, Gender & Women's Studies
Paul Michael Atienza, doctoral candidate of anthropology
Silas Cassinelli, Department of English
Myra Washington, PhD (UIUC 2012)
Katherine Sugg, U of I Alumni
Eman Ghanayem, Graduate Student, English
Josette Lorig, Alumna
Minkah Makalani, University of Texas at Austin, UIUC Alumn
Mireya Loza, UIUC Alumni
Dustin Allred, Lecturer, Urban and Regional Planning
Kevin Hamilton, FAA
Amber (Pliler) Lindholm, BFA Graphic Design 2003
L. Joyce Mariano, UH-Manoa (UIUC Postdoc Research Fellow 2012-2013)
Chris Ritzo - Alumni, School of Information Science
Victor Mendoza, associate professor, university of michigan; former Uiuc postdoctoral fellow in Asian american studies
Eric Darnell Pritchard, Assistant Professor, Department of English
David L. Glisch-Sanchez, Assistant Professor, Department of Latino/Latina Studies
Stanley Thangaraj, city college of New York
Gabriela DeLisle Diaz
Evan Bossenbroek, employee and prospective student at UIUC
Rebecca Ginsburg, Education Justice Project
Lance Pittman, UIUC Alumn
Yumi Lee, 2015-2016 postdoctoral research associate in Asian American Studies
Ian Scott, PhD Candidate, Educational Psychology
Ruby C. Tapia, UIUC Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow, 2005
Mary Arends-Kuenning, Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Andrea Rundell, YWCA of the University of Illinois
Andrea Beller, Professor Emerita of Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Julie L. Williams, UIUC Alumna 2012
Claudia Lutz
Albert Stabler, Art Education
Stephanie Brown, Phd Candidate- ICR
Christina Chin, Former Postdoctoral Research Associate, Asian American Studies
Samantha King, Head of Gender Studies, Queen's University, UIUC alum
Jessica Daw, Alumna, BS, 1988, PhD, 1999
Mary K. Coffey, Associate Professor of Art History, Dartmouth College, U of I '99
Cris Mayo, Director LGBTQ+ Center, WVU
Katharine Bullard, PhD '05 UIUC
Erin Shackelford, UIUC Alum, MA LIR 97
Sonda Gabriel, Former Director, OSURR
Peter Miller, Ph.D., Physics 1998
Craig Robertson, Associate Professor, Northeastern University, Boston MA
Ron Neimark, Alumnus, Political Science
Ramona Faith Oswald, Professor and DGS, Dept of Human Dev and Family Studies
Charles Allen, Alumnus, Geography
Megan Haselschwerdt (alumni), Auburn University Assistant Professor
Hale Thompson, PhD, Public Health, UIUC Alum Sociology
Andy Eisen, PhD (UIUC, 2014)
Lyndal Khaw, Alumna, Class of 2010
Tim Shea, School of Social Work
Isabel Quintana Wulf, Lecturer, English
Virginia Husting, Alumna
Jasmine Routon- HDFS
Jiahao Chen, BS 02 MS 08 PhD 09
Carrie Rentschler, Associate Professor, McGill University, Montreal, Ph.D Communications UIUC 2002
Kelly Gates, Associate Professor of Communication, UC San Diego, UIUC Alum '04
Rachel Mattson, GSLIS (iSchool) class of 2014
Shoshana Magnet Associate professor, Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa
Carmen Ocon, alumni
Loretta Gaffney Librarian, Harvard Westlake
Rob Henn, Ph.D. English 2012
Jack Bratich, Associate Professor, Rutgers University, Ph.D Communications UIUC 2001
Yiyun Jin, UIUC Alumni
Amy Hribar MS '93, PhD '01, MS '04
Alicia Kozma, Media and Cinema Studies
Larry Rogers, MA, MSW, UIUC, Alumni 1996
Jennifer L. Hardesty, Associate Professor, Dept. of Human Development and Family Studies
Safiya U Noble, PhD, Alumna
Joshua Wen, PhD student, Mathematics
Kyle Kusz, MS '96, Ph.D 03
Lisa King, UIUC alumna
Eliana Duarte UIUC
Marc Doussard
Elizabeth Field, Department of Mathematics
Olivia Hagedorn, PhD Student, Department of History
Sam Young, student
Kate Bass - Student
Sarah T. Roberts, Ph.D. 2014 - Assistant Professor, UCLA
Ruth Luo, mathematics
Melinda Lanius, Graduate Student, Mathematics
Marcelo Boccato Kuyumjian, DMA (School of Music)
Jessica Harrison, M.A. Anthropology, 2015
Kaltrina Kamberovska, UIUC Alumna 2014
Melissa Box, UIUC alumnus, School of Social Work
Rohit Raghavan, College of Law '06, Attorney
Marlen Cortez, College of Law '06, Attorney
Noelia Irizarry-Román, Phd student
Leah Wilks, MFA candidate Dept. of Dance
Erin Castro, UIUC 2012 alumnus, PhD, Educational Leadership Organization and Policy
Francisco Castelan, Class 1996
Kori McCullough
David Prochaska, Emeritus, Department of History
Emily Metcalf, School of Information Sciences, MLIS Student
Melissa Forbes, PhD Student, English
Lydia Frank, Graduate Student, iSchool
Michael Palm, '96
Barbara Hudgings
Jacob, Graduate Student, LIS
Rochelle L. Woods, Alumna
Lauren McCaugherty, '09
Matthew Peach, Graduate Student, Sociology
Renee Keyvan, '16
Radhika Mongia, UIUC alumna
Stephanie Skora, Alumna
Julie Halloran, Masters Student, LIS
Rachel Suntop, GSLIS Alum
Kristen Zidon, alumna
Kristina Boerger, DMA: 3x Alum, former Co-President of Lesbian and Gay Illini, former Interim Director of Choral Activities at the UI School of Music, and daughter of immigrants
Robin Allen, PhD 1996
Adani Sanchez
Kathy Baylis, Associate Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Jeanne Connell, Retired, College of Education
Deke Weaver, Associate Professor, School of Art & Design
Siobhan Senier, PhD 1997
Brent Dickman, alumnus, LAS '03, GSLIS '14
Anna Maria Ros, Psychology and Spanish Alum 2012
David C. Breeden, UIUC Alumnus
Barbara Alvarez, UIUC Alumna
Chloe Nagle, Graduate Student, Dance
Trish Wilkinson, MSW, LCSW, CD(DONA)
Kate LaBore, Academic Professional, CITL
Lauren Reinke-Breen, PhD (UIUC BS 2005)
John Musser - English
Alison Galey, Jazz Studies Alum 2012
Margo Rodriguez, Humanist
Kristen Dean-Grossmann, University of Illinois Press
Elizabeth Bastian, Alumna
Taryn Harm, Dept of Urban and Regional Planning, Masters
Raha Behnam, Alum 2016
Rojan Thomas Joseph, Graduate Student, UIUC
Alyssa Jaje, graduate student, Urban and Regional Planning
Janice Hsu, Graduate student, DURP
Natalie Prochaska, Urban Planning PhD Student (UIUC MUP 2015)
Allan Max Axelrod, Graduate Student, UIUC
Sri Theja Vuppala, Technical Associate ,UIUC
Ashley Buckley, School of Social Work (UG)
Leah Berti, Junior in the College of ACES
David O'Brien, Art and Design
Sara Benson, University Library
Irenka Carney, ACES Alum and Urbana resident / business owner
Arianna Rudawski - Class of 2014
Jaime Jones, Graduate Student, Urban and Regional Planning
Shruti Syal, PhD Candidate, Regional Planning
Annie B. Contractor, Alumna
Harry Mickalide, PhD student in Physics at UIUC
Ross Wantland, Diversity & Social Justice Education
Rebecca Stoner, Alum, LAS '11
Steven J. Wagner, Associate Professor, Philosophy
A. E. Rodriguez
David Johnson University of Illinois UC Alumni
Amanda T. Rodriguez, UIUC Undergraduate
Alyssa Burns, AHS and LAS '16
Arianna Adkins, Mixed Student Union president
Caitlyn Johnson
Alberto Ortega-Fernandez, current UIUC student Class of '19
Cashmere Cozart, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Student
Niloofar Shambayati, UIUC Alumni
Kumars Salehi, Alumni
Kyle DeVry-LAS Alumni 16
Hadi Salehi Esfahani, Professor, Economics

Brendan Harley, Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Derek Allen, UIUC Student
Morgan Bethany, undergraduate student UIUC
Brian Cunningham, ECE
Grace Asiegbu, '18
Mardia Bishop, Director of Public Speaking Instruction, Communication
Wendy Heller, Professor and Head, Psychology
Amy Wagoner Johnson, Associate Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering
Scott Jacobs, Communication
Shaq Thomas, Engineering Alumni '15
J.B. Heller, Mathematics
Areli Marina, Art and Design
Cynthia Fisher, Professor, Psychology (UIUC)
Robert Rennie, Math PhD student
Micah Kenfield, Sustainability Coordinator, University of Illinois
Nick Bohm, Student
Jennifer (Ely) Massey Geography, 2003
Mariana Kersh, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Science & Eng
Paul Kenis, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Kayla Ingram, Cellular/Molecular Biology, Hampton University
John M.
Dr. Sever Tipei, Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Robert Markley, Trowbridge Professor, Department of English, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Shelby Hutchens, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Science & Engineering
Mark Aber, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Karyn W. Coria, former student UIUC
Anh Nguyen, '18
Kazami Brockman, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Paul Prior, Professor (English) and Director (Center for Writing Studies)
Nathan Todd, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Marcus Ricci, UIUC DURP alum
John Toenjes, Dept of Dance
Linda Lehovec, Department of Dance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mary Kraft, Associate Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
Treasa Bane, Graduate Student, ischool
Anay Hunt, senior, Afro major @ UIUC
Adrienne Lo
Bo Tew, UIUC MSE Alumni 13
Rebecca Nettl-Fiol, Professor, Department of Dance
Cecilia Leal, Materials Science and Engineering
Carrie Donovan, Class of 1998
Thomas Faulkner, Assistant Professor, Physics
Craig Koslofsky, Department of History
Vijay Ramprasad, PhD Candidate, Geography and GIS
Aneesha Dharwadker, Department of Landscape Architecture
Anna Orr MLIS 07
Reek Bell
Rebecca Gresh, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, UIUC
Alan Saldana-Silva, Music

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