This form is used as both a school calendar request to schedule the auditorium, as well as a form to let us know what technical needs you have for your event. Please note that in addition to this, you need to also contact Aaron Tonks to communicate any custodial needs (how many people you anticipate at your event, what times you need doors unlocked, if you need tables for your event and if so, how many, etc.)
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I understand that if I must also contact Aaron Tonks to inform him of any needs for my event (how many people we are expecting, what times doors should be unlocked, tables for my event, etc.
I agree to take full responsibility for my event. I will ensure to the best of my ability that all who are involved with my event will treat the auditorium with respect, we will leave it in better condition than we found it, and we will abide by the rules of the auditorium.
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