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Please read the following before continuing:

LOA request valid only when submitted before the beginning date of leave. Submit LOAs to Membership and Training committee heads via this form.

LOA requests are valid for up to 1 month; if your leave will be longer, you must notify Membership and turn in an LOA form for every month, up to 90 days. If your leave is longer than 3 consecutive months, your membership may be revoked or it may change to non-competing membership status, depending upon the circumstances.

If your leave is longer than 90 days, you must notify Membership to discuss your circumstances. To maintain active member status on an LOA, you must make arrangements to get your dues paid on time and notify your committee of your plans. If you are a committee head, it is your responsibility to be sure you have appropriate coverage and that you communicate with the league who the temporary contact is and for how long.

Upon return to Hellgate Roller Derby from your LOA, if you continued to be an active member during your leave, the roster eligibility guidelines are as follows:

If your LOA is 1 month or shorter, your eligibility is up to your captains and coaches.

If your LOA is longer than 30 days, your eligibility will be evaluated by the Training Committee, coaches, and captains. They will take HRD good standing rules and team drafting situation into consideration.

If your LOA is longer than 90 days, your membership may be revoked or it may change to non-competing membership status. Returning skaters under these circumstances will be required to test back up to team.

You can apply for exceptions through the Training Committee or BOD.

Feel free to email training@hellgaterollerderby.org or BOD@hellgaterollerderby.org with any questions.
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