2018 EE515/IS523 Paper Presentation Survey
This survey is needed to assign paper presenters in each class.
Please select at least three candidate papers which you want to present in the class and mark them 'Yes'.
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(9/13) "Dolphin Attack: Inaudible Voice Commands"
(9/18) "Security Analysis of the Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting Machine"
(9/18) "Comprehensive Experimental Analyses of Automotive Attack Surfaces"
(9/20) "Error Handling of In-vehicle Networks Makes Them Vulnerable"
(9/20) "How They Did It: An Analysis of Emission Defeat Devices in Modern Automobiles"
(9/27) "Hijacking Bitcoin: Routing Attacks on Cryptocurrencies "
(10/11) "On Limitations of Friendly Jamming for Confidentiality"
(10/11) "On the Requirements for Successful GPS Spoofing Attacks"
(11/6) "Lest We Remember: Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys"
(11/6) "Exploiting the DRAM rowhammer bug to gain kernel privileges"
(11/8) "Exploiting open functionality in SMS-capable cellular networks"
(11/8) "Location leaks on the GSM air interface"
(11/8) "Gaining Control of Cellular Traffic Accounting by Spurious TCP Retransmission"
(11/13) "Baseband Attacks: Remote Exploitation of Memory Corruptions in Cellular Protocol Stacks"
(11/13) "Breaking and Fixing VoLTE: Exploiting Hidden Data Channels and Mis-implementations"
(11/13) "Let Me Answer That For You: Exploiting Broadcast Information in Cellular Networks"
(11/15) "Mining Your Ps and Qs: Detection of Widespread Weak Keys in Network Devices"
(11/15) "Using Frankencerts for Automated Adversarial Testing of Certificate Validation in SSL/TLS Implementations"
(11/15) "A Rising Tide: Design Exploits in Industrial Control Systems"
(11/20) "Pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: Software Radio Attacks and Zero-Power Defenses"
(11/20) "On the Feasibility of Side-Channel Attacks with Brain-Computer Interfaces"
(11/20) "This Ain't Your Dose: Sensor Spoofing Attack on Medical Infusion Pump"
(11/22) "Ghost Talk: Mitigating EMI Signal Injection Attacks against Analog Sensors"
(11/22) "Rocking Drones with Intentional Sound Noise on Gyroscopic Sensors"
(11/27) "Illusion and Dazzle: Adversarial Optical Channel Exploits against Lidars for Automotive Applications "
(11/27) "WALNUT: Waging Doubt on the Integrity of MEMS Accelerometers with Acoustic Injection Attacks "
(11/29) "The Limitations of Deep Learning in Adversarial Settings"
(11/29) "Deep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled: High Confidence Predictions for Unrecognizable Images"
(12/4) "Robust De-anonymization of Large Sparse Datasets"
(12/4) "De-anonymizing Programmers via Code Stylometry"
(12/6) "AirHopper: Bridging the Air-Gap between Isolated Networks and Mobile Phones using Radio Frequencies"
(12/6) "GSMem: Data Exfiltration from Air-Gapped Computers over GSM Frequencies"
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