2020-21 Desoto County Career Tech East Application
Please complete the following application with your legal name, no nicknames. You will receive an email confirmation once you have submitted. Students will be made aware of their acceptance status in early April. If you have any questions please contact our counselor, Logan Francisco at logan.francisco@dcsms.org. We look forward to seeing your application. Thank you and good luck!

School Schedule
1st block 7:30-9:00
1st-year students from OBHS and LHS for Industrial Maintenance (IM), Information Technology (IT), Law and Public Safety (LPS), and Transportation and Logistics (TL)
2nd-year students for Health Science (HS)

2nd block A 9:25-11:00
2nd-year students from OBHS and LHS for IM, IT, LPS, and TL
1st-year students from OBHS for HS

2nd block B 10:10-11:45
2nd Year students from CHHS for all programs

3rd block A 11:30-1:00
1st-year Health Science students from LHS

3rd block B 12:25-2:00
1st-year students for all programs from CHHS
School assigned student email *
Students must use their DeSoto County email address that should be your first and last initial, student number and will end in @dcsms.org. If you are unsure of what this is, please check with your base school to be sure before completing.
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Must currently be in the 9th or 10th grade to apply
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