Tesla Model 3 UK Orders
This form is so we can get a rough idea of order numbers / order times, please only fill it out if you have ordered one and are in the UK. Just want to see the results? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G0Y4YppXsg_AkHR3_OFFWOE94QOmhaoqn-nGs-BC-No/edit?usp=sharing
Where to find your invoice number
What is your order number? *
You can find this in your Tesla Account -> Model 3 -> Documents -> Booking Invoice. Make sure this is your order number not your reservation number! Order number begins with 00000000xxxxx
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Where to find your order time (confirmation email)
What day did you order? *
This is in day/month/year format NOT month/day/year
What time did you order? *
Please use the time of your email confirmation
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