Tracy Learning Center Distance Learning Survey
We are always looking for ways to improve student learning and with all our students at home, we need your help. Please take a moment to complete this short survey so we can continue to improve our educational program.
1. What grade levels are your children? *
2. Student Device for getting on Classroom and Virtual Meetings *
Poor/Not Useable
Excellent/No Issues
3. Internet Connection *
Not Useable/Do not have connection
Excellent/No Issues
3. Were you satisfied with the information provided prior to the start of school?
No Information/Did not receive anything
Very Pleased/Clear, Timely and Understandable
Clear selection
4. What is your favorite way to get TLC news and information? *
5. Are you satisfied with the interactive teaching and learning provided through distance learning? *
Unsatisfied/Not Effective
Very Happy/Meaningful Learning
6. Is your student engaged in learning and attending each day? *
Not Engaged/Not in class
Very involved/Participating
Let us know any comments, suggestions, thoughts.
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