Best of World Anvil 2020 Nominations
Welcome to the Preliminary round for the BEST OF WORLD ANVIL 2020

You are summoned here to nominate for the BEST world articles and maps in World Anvil

During this round, we need to find which of the entries will go to the next round. Only the top 5 of each category will go the next round.

The cut-off point for submission is Friday 12th of June at 7pm BST (11am PST)

The Entries to go to the next round will be announced on the Sunday Community Stream on the
17th of June at 7pm BST (11am PST)

- All content submitted must have been created between June 2019 and June 2020
- Fill the entry by just pasting the FULL URL of the article
- All voting is 100% private. No one will see what you voted
- Do not vote for your own work
- Use the "#for-your-consideration" Channel to submit your work


- Best World Homepage
- Best Fantasy Article
- Best Science Fiction Article
- Best Map
- Best Timeline
- Best Character Article
- Best Geographic Location Article
- Best Organization Article|
- Best Family Tree Including Article


If you have any questions please ask on discord by @'ing Dimitris

Please fill UP TO 3 choices for each of the categories below in no particular order

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