Strike Show Submission Application
Hi! Thanks for wanting to co-produce a single or multi night show with Strike Theater!

Full multi-night/weekend runs and single show rentals at Strike Theater are available for our 2024 season. 

What do we mean by a single night or multi night rentals?  Oh! Thanks for asking.
-A full weekend of shows is Thursday-Sunday. You don't have to do all 4 days but they are open to you. 
-These shows will be co-produced with Strike Theater. We are offering these as part of our mission to grow producers in the genres of Sketch, Storytelling, Spoken Word, Improv, and cross-genre weird fun.
-As a co-produced show, we look forward to helping new producers learn the ropes, old producers grow their audiences, and working together to make the most successful show we can. We recognize some groups will need more help than others.

Rental Rates
The first $100 of ticket sales will go to Strike Theater to cover the cost of operations (front of house staff, rent, admin, marketing, Strike help, etc.) The rest of ticket sales will be split 50/50. If the show sells more than $500 your percentage will go up to 60% and 40% will go to Strike.

You can submit this form anytime during the year. 

We will reach out about your application within two weeks after the listed deadlines above.

Expectations Strike has for your show:
-You will drive the creative process. We are here as support.
-You will be expected to market your show along with Strike.
-You will be responsible for turning in show info/images/Facebook invited by deadlines.
-You will get up to 3 free hours in the theater for tech the week of your show.
-Rehearsal space is available for rental. A Discount is available for over 8 hours.
-You will need to provide tech for your show. We can have some guidance with this.
-Strike will provide ticket sales in advance and front of house staff the night of.

What to know about Strike:
-We are a 100 seat black box theater.
-We have limited space for tons of set pieces and costume changes and storage.
-A note about tech: We have a fairly simple light grid with 3 spots/back and front stage washes and red/greens/blues. We have mics. We have hook-ups for a keyboard. We have a simple soundboard for sound cues and pre-show music. We have a projector that projects large on the back of the stage.
--We are in a shared building and once in a while all heck breaks loose in the halls or in our neighbors space. In other words, there will sometimes be noise that we cannot control and we have to roll with it.
-We are champions of scrappy creativity. Simplicity is a winner for shows with us.
-We have a new space for offices/classroom/rehearsal/green room for larger casts across the hall.
- You will receive a contract within 30 days of your show being accepted. Please read carefully as there is additional information in the contract that will be helpful to you!
- If two or more groups are looking to book the same night, the slot will go to the group that submitted first.

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