Kent County Emergency Services team membership application
By Completing this application:

I hereby give Kent County Emergency Services Team, Kent County RACES, and Kent County Search and Rescue (collectively “KCEST”) permission to inquire into my educational background, references, licenses, police records, and employment and/or volunteer history. I also give permission to the holder of any such information to release it to KCEST.

I hold KCEST harmless of any liability, criminal or civil, that may arise as a result of the release of this information about me. I also hold harmless any individual or organization that provides information to the above-named agencies. I understand that KCEST will use this information only as part of its verification of my volunteer application.

I understand the information obtained will be used as one basis for acceptance or denial of appointment. I hereby discharge, release and indemnify KCEST, their agents, employees, and all parties that rely on this release and/or the information obtained with this release from any and all liability and claims arising by reason of the use of this release and dissemination of information that is false and untrue if obtained from a third party without verification.

I have read and understand the above information and assert that all information provided by me is true and accurate.
Do you understand this is a 100% volunteer position and you will not be paid or reimbursed for anything you do? *
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Have you ever been convicted of a crime Misdemeanor or felony? *
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Are you an amateur radio operator? If Yes, License Class and callsign
Why are you a good fit for this position?
Do you understand the time commitment that is required to join an emergency services organization?
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I am interested in doing the following
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Field Searcher
On-scene Support
Building Websites
Directing Traffic
Working with Search and Rescue dogs
Helping at an emergency shelter during a disaster
Riding mountain bikes/searching on a bike
Working in the Emergency Operations Center
Clerical/Admin type work
Being a leader
Flying a drone
Severe Weather Spotting
Helping at a public Service Event
Providing Emergency Medical Support during times of need
Playing with Amateur Radio Equipment
Programming Amateur Radios
Responding to whatever whenever
Driving a 4x4 vehicle offroad (Jeep, Truck, SUV)
Using an ORV
Kayaking/Canoeing while searching
Working with computers
Providing Emergency Communications during emergencies
Teaching the public about emergency preparedness
Using a compass for navigation
Spending time in the woods
Helping people
Working with my fellow teammates
Responding to emergencies
K9 Handler
K9 Support person
Organizing events
Talking to the media
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