GWCS Spring POD Sign Up
The Great Wall Chinese School thank you very much for your devotion, love, support. The Parent on duty for the Spring semester will ask you to complete 2 duties per account. Due to the technique limitation, you have to logon on twice to sign up and pick up your choices. You should receive your email confirmation, and you can also check your signup on the school web. The school wechat group may also send these links. If you have experienced a problem, or have any question, please free free to contact the school officers. Thanks again for your help and time.

谢谢您对长城中文学校的爱心奉献和支持。春季的学期需要值2次 POD ,由于技术问题,您需要登入 2 次来选 2 项值班任务。您应该会收到电子邮件确认。学校网页有链接。学校微信群可能有链接发送。有问题请联系学习值班的常务义工。谢谢。

另外,新的变化是 : 1) 家长联系人也需要在这里填写,请先跟老师确认后再填写。
2) POD的值班将会由学校,家长们,老师们共同监督。迟到的学校将给于教育和惩罚。

To check your POD sign up, use this link (检查POD 登记记录和执行记录,请用链接):

what is your account number? *
Choose from the list below. It's usually a four-digit account number like 1234. Please contact school officer if you are not sure of your account ID. 从列表中选择你的正确账号。请不要混淆或误选他人账号。
What is Registered email address? *
Please do NOT leave any blank or other illegal special characters which block to send your signup confirmation email. This should be the one you regularly checked. Again make sure you input the correct email address, otherwise your confirmation email CANNOT be delivered. 请务必输入正确电子邮件地址, 不要有空格或其它非法特殊字符,否则您将不能收到邮件确认, 也无法收到 POD 值班提醒邮件。
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What is your registered student' name? First name, and last name in English *
If you have multiple registered students or yourself, just use one.
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What is your parent's name? First name, and last name in English. *
This is the parent's name,
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What is your preferred phone number?
The phone should be input in case there is emergency, you can be reached.
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What is your alternative phone number?
This is your alternative phone that school can reach you
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Please select two time slots for parent on duty. You need logon on twice to complete. *
Choose from the list below. Choose one at a time, and submit. Then quit, and go back to choose and submit your 2nd choice. You need to pick up 2 Parent on duties in this semester. Once you make a choice, the system cannot let you change or cancel. So please do NOT make the void choice. 请从列表中选择值班任务, 一次选一项, 递交之后退出, 重新登入, 选第 二项。每次一个选项被家长选了,该选项自动在列表中删除了。一旦您做提交了你的选项, 系统没有办法让您修改或取消。请慎重选择。
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