CTE Internship Application
Please be aware of the following prior to filling out this application:

1- In order to be considered for a CTE internship, you must meet the following criteria by the application date:
  • Be a current junior or senior, and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Meet with your high school counselor to determine eligibility and receive a CTE teacher recommendation
  • Be a concentrator in your chosen pathway
  • Understand this is not "Work" or "Home" Release; this is a letter grade course and requires online class work including a LinkedIn/Digital Portfolio, and approx. 40 hours at your internship site for the class period you are enrolled in
  • Internships may not be completed with family members or be an extension of your current employment; students may make a request from a list of qualified internships or meet with the WBL Coordinator to determine internship site possibilities; interns will be placed only when approved by site supervisors and the WBL team
2- Priority will be determined for internships in the following ways:
  • The order in which applications and completion of pre-internship requirements are received
  • Students who have completed courses related to their pathway and/or are currently enrolled in a related pathway course AND who are continuing on with related courses
  • CTE teacher recommendation for placements
3- Students will receive 0.5 credit toward completion of a pathway, and may not exceed 1.0 credit per semester
  • Placements must be with a different industry partner each semester
  • Separate internships are needed to fulfill the completer course requirement for each individual pathway **Please note not all pathways need an internship to complete the pathway.
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What is your career goal/desired internship? *
What courses have you taken related to your career goal? (at least one must be a related CTE Pathway Concentrator class) *
Which pathway program are you currently a concentrator in and preparing to complete? *
Please list the CTE course(s) or related course(s) that you will be enrolling in DURING your internship semester. *
Do you have a preferred company/companies that you would like to intern with? Please list them in rank order with your number one choice listed first.  This is not a guarantee of placement.  If you need a list, you can contact JaLee at jalee.alger@seviersd.org or scan the QR Code for potential internship sites. *
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Which semester would you like to do your internship? Please state Fall or Spring or Both and include the year. (example: Fall 2024) *
Are you currently receiving any learning accommodations that you would like to have during your internship? (example: IEP, 504, etc) *
When in your schedule does an internship work best for you and your potential internship site? Please note, business must be open and available during your scheduled internship hour. *
Are you currently employed? If so, where are you employed? *
Please list any skills or certifications that will help us to place you in your internship.  (i.e. Word Processing, CAD, Cabinet Making, Welding, CNA, EMR, Food Handlers, etc.) *
Do you have any questions?
Do you know of any other students that might be interested in doing an internship? Leave their name below, and we will reach out to him/her.
Teacher Recommendation - 
Which teacher would you like to have a recommendation form sent to? *
Thank you so much for filling out this application. If you are accepted, you may go to the counseling office to get the class added to your schedule for the desired semester(s). Please note that you must have a 2.0 GPA and no "F"s on your transcript from the semester preceding your CTE Internship.  Eligibility will be checked first day of the semester, and if these qualifications are not met, you may be removed from the internship program and required to fill your class period with another class.

By filling out this application, you are agreeing to the following:
  *Strive to develop good work habits
  *Maintain a high level of performance at school and at the internship site
  *Maintain at least 90% attendance at the internship site
  *Submit time sheets and complete assignments as assigned
  *Consult the WBL Coordinator with any problems or concerns
  *Be at the internship site during the assigned class periods
  *Maintain confidentiality as required of company employees

For any questions, please reach out to JaLee Alger at:
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