RSVP for the opening reception of ASHLEY CECIL: EDGED OUT
EDGED OUT is a series of paintings and sculptural works about human influence on nature. The artworks specifically focus on the vulnerable state of amphibians, a modern canary in the coal mine offering us a prophetic glance at what lies ahead for all inhabitants of an ailing environment.

These artworks are visual translations of research conducted by the Richards-Zawacki Herpetology Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. During her six-month artist residency at the lab, Ashley immersed herself in scientific topics represented in this exhibition, such as habitat loss, disease and conservation methods.

Kindly RSVP for a private opening reception June 28, 6-7 PM. A public reception will follow. *
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The Frick Environmental Center is located at 2005 Beechwood Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.
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