2019 Gay Bingo Divine Divas Application
We all know that a winner is never a straight line and everyone has a ball at Gay Bingo each year - but did you know we have a new way to participate and be a part of the spectacle at this year's Gay Bingo? We are launching our Divine Divas initiative (or Project Double D as we affectionately call it) where we will work with you to make you a drag star for a night and help us as we raise money for life-saving programs and services at Palmetto Community Care!

Here are the basics: we work with you to teach you some mad choreography (taught by the incomparable Tim Brown) over once per week evenings starting July 16. Each of the four session will be 1-2 hours and cover the basics of a group number. We ask that you be able to attend at least three of these free dance workshops and we will have video from each for you to study and practice or catch up on if you missed a week. We will also work with you to find your drag outfit and even provide some make-up and style tips.

We ask that all participants help promote Gay Bingo to your networks, commit to raise at least $100 (we will give you the fundraising tools to make it easy and simple with a digital personalized portal) and come ready to lip sync to 1 (maybe 2) fun numbers at Gay Bingo on Thursday, August 15th. In addition, we ask our Divine Divas to help us sell raffle tickets, verify bingos and act as hostesses for our biggest Gay Bingo yet!

Our only requirement is that you have a willingness to have fun, be silly and entertain the heck out of the crowd. There are no gender, sexuality, or other requirements to be a Double D - just a willingness to help us raise as much money as possible for our programs and services!

If you have any questions not yet answered, please email Jason Kirk, Director of Development & Marketing at jkirk@palmettocare.org or call (843) 747-2273.

We are so excited to welcome you into this Mad Hatter's Ball! As you contemplate joining us, much like the Mad Hatter you may wonder, “Have I gone mad?” And just like Alice, we will tell you, “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are!”

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