Moorings and more - a boaters survey

Hi all

I'm sending this survey round to boaters and also going to be out and about on the cut to get similar feedback. I've lived on a boat for a bit over three years myself, some of you will know that over the last 18 months or so I've been working on this project to do some good stuff for the live-aboard community in London.

Nobody likes surveys but it would be really REALLY helpful to get some feedback from the boating community to put some numbers to the anecdotes that started me off on this journey.

My primary focus at the moment is mooring sites, I have done a lot of research and whilst the GLA Moor or Less report has said there is a need for moorings what I want to know is how many current boaters would want one, who these people are and what price would be affordable. More overpriced moorings is NOT what this is about.

My aim is that the moorings will cover their costs and even bring in a bit of surplus to develop other waterways projects or support other boaters ventures - there is so much talent on the cut we need to be shouting about it more.

This project started off as an academic one but it is now in a small business incubator and will be officially a CIC by Christmas with any luck. I hope that you can spare a bit of time to answer the questions - I am happy to make anonymous information public so we can all use the numbers if we need them.

If you want to find out more about this project the website is There isn't much there yet - however sign up for the mailing list and any updates will come your way.


PS. If you spot NB Kennington give me a blast on your horn and a wave!