Friends of the Ritz, Inc. June 2019 Survey
Please take this anonymous survey which will give us valuable feedback on how to improve upon your Historic Ritz Theatre experience. Your answers are not associated with your email address or any other form of personal tracking.

You are also invited to attend the spring Friends of the Ritz, Inc. board meeting on Saturday, June 22nd at 10 AM at the Historic Ritz Theatre. The results of this survey will be shared with the public during this event.

How do you learn about Ritz Theatre events? (select all that apply) *
In the past, what is the primary reason you HAVE NOT attended events at the Ritz Theatre? (select one) *
How often do you travel 25 miles or more to attend a ticketed event, such as concerts, plays, movies, etc.? (select one) *
What types of additional events would you like to see at the Ritz Theatre? (select all that apply)
If you were to contribute money to the Friends of the Ritz, Inc. to improve the Ritz Theatre, which of the following areas is most important to you? (select one) *
What is the highest ticket price you would be willing to pay for a well-established national or regional performer? (select one) *
How do you prefer to purchase your tickets to Ritz Theatre events? (select all that apply) *
In which area would you most like to see physical improvement at the Ritz Theatre? (select one) *
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