LINGUATA – Schools of Foreign Languages PLACEMENT TEST (Seniors)
Put the words in brackets in their correct tense or form .
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(Mary go) to the beach every summer?
He usually (watch) TV at 6 o’clock.
What time (you go) to school every day?
Look! It (rain) again!
Last Saturday morning I (go) to the supermarket.
Sue (not be) at home yesterday afternoon.
If it (rain) tomorrow, I (stay) at home.
What countries (you visit) two years ago?
I (see) her yesterday but she (not speak) to me.
(They work) now?
She (sleep) when her brother (come) home last night.
My father (not come) home from work yet.
You mustn’t (smoke) in a hospital.
Ann (ever be) to Australia?
Mrs. Smith (just leave) her office.
Why are you late? We (wait) for you for half an hour.
His car (take) away last night.
If I were you, I (do) my homework alone.
Books (make) of paper.
He dislikes (save) money.
She said that she (buy) that dress the year before.
When winter (begin) the birds will fly away to a warmer country.
He would prefer (go) to school rather than (study) at home.
If I (live) two hundred years ago I (wear) different clothes.
This time tomorrow Emma (fly) to London.
He promised me that he (tell) me the truth when he (come).
If I (meet) John, I would have told him the news.
Over the past few weeks, (predict) that new Harry Potter film will break all box office records.
The forest fire (not start) if the visitors had put out the camp fire completely.
Hopefully researchers (find) a cure for AIDS by the end of the century.
We (deliver) a huge parcel yesterday.
Phil has a new sports car. – Really? He (win) a lottery.
I hate people (to tell) me what to do.
If my car (not break) I (not arrive) late.
I visited my friends (in / on / at ) Sundays.
Sue saw ( he / him / his ) yesterday .
He ( is / was / be ) born in 1982 .
Monday is (one / second / the first) day of the week .
Will you go (up / on / to) the cinema?
The train is coming (then /now /before).
He repaired his computer (itself / myself / himself).
Do you listen (at / to / for) pop music?
She can sing very (good / better / well).
This is an (crystal / big / expensive) vase.
We’ll meet them (of / on / at) the airport.
We’ve got (a few / a little / many) butter.
(Both / Either / Neither) Fay and Helen work for the same company.
The news (are / is / were) good today.
Helen has been here (since / for / at) 9 o’clock.
Usually (the cats / a cat / cats) are smaller than dogs.
Our house is not (the enough big / big enough / enough big) for us .
The bigger the children, the (great, greater, greatest) the problems are.
Keep (calm / nice / happy). Don’t panic! You’ll be soon rescued.
The tree has been there (since / for / by) 200 years.
Don’t touch the door! I (did / have / can) just painted it.
Who is (the most tall / taller / more taller) Jimmy or Paul?
I can sing very well (So do I / So can’t I / So can I).
He wanted to know where (they lived / did they live / they did live).
This is the story (whose / which / whom) my son liked best.
Do you and Tom know (every other / each other / every another)?
She dances (nice / beautiful / beautifully).
Why are you speaking (such / so / much) slowly?
I have a very good wine. Would you like (some / any / none)?
Cigarette smoking can (hurt / damage / spoil) your health.
His teacher (motivated / encouraged / improved) him to take the exam.
He (admitted / told / agreed) to lend me his car.
Everybody stopped (talk / talking / to talk) when the teacher came.
You’ve been working since six o’clock this morning. You (can’t / might / must) be exhausted.
Teaching is very stressful, (although / however / as well as) it is a very satisfying job.
Global warming is (resulting / causing / making) a rise in sea level.
We don’t need to take our raincoats. I’m sure it (can’t / won’t / mustn’t) rain.
I’m feeling (more/much) worse than I did yesterday.
I think we should set (down/up/on) early to avoid the traffic.
Millie screamed (with/at/of) fear when the lights suddenly went out.
The film was made ________________ the 1930s .
It is cold outside, put on your ________________ .
My favorite ________________ at school are History and Geography .
My mother’s sister is my ________________.
A ________________ helps a doctor with his patients.
Are there ________________ tomatoes in the fridge?
There is ________________ bread on the table.
Maria sings ________________. I love her voice.
My sister is very ________________. She always tells the truth.
We ________________ harder if we want to do well in the exam.
The English are very ________________. They say please and thank you a lot.
Hello everybody! I’d like to ________________ my new friend George.
A person ________________ was born on 10 October is a “Libra”.
Jason fell and ________________his leg.
It isn’t my fault! Don’t get angry ________________ me.
I’ll buy a car after I have passed my driving ________________.
I’ll buy a car after I have passed my driving ________________.
Are you good ________________Mathematics?
Our teachers ________________ us talk in class. They are very strict.
We live on the tenth floor of a large ________________.
I’ve told you ________________ I know.
I can’t ________________ our new telephone number.
We live in a house ________________ has a huge garden.
You should always ________________ your work regularly when you work on your computer.
He has a valuable………………..of stamps.
I can’t ________________ the difference between the new version and the old one.
Pam and Tim ________________ last week. They both look really unhappy now.
You are my best friend, so I promise to ________________ you.
I ________________ for 7 jobs before I found the one I wanted.
Why do some people smoke? It doesn’t ________________ sense to me.
I ________________ my eyes tested every year.
Sam ________________ to use his dad’s computer unless he asks first.
It’s ________________boiling in here. Can you open the window, please?
My uncle has a lot of money. ________________, he isn’t happy.
Please send me a copy as ________________ as possible .
This book is worth ________________ .
She has gone to the baker’s to buy a loaf of________________.
Christopher Columbus _____________as the first European to discover America, was born in Italy in 1451.
My computer is so slow. If only________________.
The gradual warming of the year surrounding the earth caused by pollution is called________________.
Doing housework is ok. I don’t ________________ helping around the house.________________ affairs are important political events in society that are happening now.
The person who saw a crime and can describe it later is called an________________.
The climbers were absolutely________________ after reaching the top of the mountain.
I have to ________________two hours to work every day.
I’d hate to go on ________________. Two weeks on a ship. I’d go mad.
The ________________I see it poor people need help from anywhere in the world.
Our job will be a lot easier if we ________________with each other.
The party was fantastic! I had the time of my ________________.
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